Monday, May 21, 2018

Tatum Beau: Seven Months

This was definitely our biggest month so far with Tatum, it seemed like he had so many milestones all at once.  Crawling, sitting up, pulling himself up, starting baby food, etc. 


Tater-Tot, T-Beau, TB, Tater


We don't go back to the doctor until 9 months but he seems to be growing right on the "average" tract for weight and a little under average for height.

At his six month appointment he got four shots and did great.  He also got the okay to start foods.. more on that below.

No teeth yet but he's definitely teething - there's always drool everywhere and he's really chewing on his fingers more and more as opposed to just sucking on them. 


He's still fitting right into 3-6 month clothing - with the warmer weather on occasion we were glad we still had a few outfits that we'd gotten for Florida - he was able to reuse these for Charleston too. 

Still in size three diapers.


He still isn't on a super strict schedule.  He usually has his first bottle of the day always around 9am and then goes every three hours.  

His naps are when he's ready but he's slowly starting to get into more of one longer one in the morning, one longer in the afternoon with an occasional cat nap or two thrown in there.  Bedtime is pretty much starting to get closer to 7:30-8 with the occasional 8-9.


We started baby food this month! We started at six months + one week and started with rice cereal. The first feeding he cried and didn't get much down.  It took him a while to get the hang of it - the first food was bananas.   He likes to have his own spoon to hold so he doesn't grab at the one I use to feed him.  He didn't love it so we took a break when we went on vacation and then started back into it this past week because the doctor said to always make sure it's "fun." We've also started some water too - in a bottle to start. 

We still do 8 ounce bottles every three-ish hours with a couple "snacks" in between.

For fun food we've given him a dab of grits, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream as well as a tiny bit of mac n cheese - he loves sucking on bagels too (must be toasted or he can get too many pieces off).


Started the month sleeping well but waking up an hour or two after going to bed for either a paci or a bottle. This was a big problem for a couple weeks until we started loading him with food at night between about 5pm and bedtime we now make sure to give him 3 bottles even if he doesn't finish each so a dinner bottle, an extra little one and his bedtime bottle - it's helped so much! 

He's getting better with doing the longer naps - some days it's two long naps and some days maybe it's 3-4 smaller ones.  We're still getting that schedule down. 

He's still enjoying his music classes - he loves playing with the little instruments at the end of class. 

His favorite form of entertainment is cruising around in his walker - inside or out - he will wonder all throughout our first floor and stay occupied for what seems like forever! 

Crawling! All over the place.


Looking in the mirror, untying people's shoes, being held/cuddled, smiling, trying to get mommy's phone and hitting the buttons, sucking on bagels, using his hands - he's really being able to play with more and more toys and hold on to things much better.


He is very squirmy on the changing table! If we give him something to hold onto in his hands he's usually a little bit better.

He's been a little fussy an hour or so after going to bed and wanting a pacifier or just a little rocking - we're trying our hardest to get past that!

Being overtired is another problem we've been dealing with this month.

He hates if you take away a toy or food item that he's really into in the moment and cries until he gets it back.

He's really on the move - his crawling really took off the week he hit six months.  He'll crawl in little circles and loves having a target - Derek, Stella, me, a pacifier, one of Stella's toys, etc.  Each day within the week he started it seemed like he got faster and faster.

He can sit up by propping his hands in front of him - enough to sit and watch Stella or play with a little toy for a bit.  At 6 and a half months he started sitting up on his own, a little wobbly at first but he progressed and did better and better as the month went on. 

We stopped using his infant car seat as a stroller seat and put the actual stroller seat on.  We also upgraded him to a new car seat as his infant one was starting to get a little bit tight. 

A week before seven months he started pulling himself up in his crib so we lowered it again - he also can sit up on his knees now to play more.  He also pushes himself up into yoga like positions as we call it.  He'll use anyone as a jungle jim and climb right over you. 


He's had many play dates, a few birthday parties, tons of walks outside. 

We took another plane ride (his 5/6th rides) - our little Tatum Beau got to pretend to be a southern gentleman in Charleston.  He did wonderful on the plane as well as the whole trip.  He loved playing in the sand in Kiawah and was really on the move on the beach. 

He has started to noticed our presence, if we leave a room, if it's one of us holding him, etc.  

We added a second stroller to the collection and he loves propping his feet up on the bar as he strolls around. 

Definitely noticing this month and last that he's hitting the stage where he wants more attention and activities to do and is less content on his own.

Got my first real taste of needing to baby proof with Tatum grabbing at all the items on my office bookshelf from his walker... This continues to pick up! 

He loves to watch Stella play and smiles at her often!

He'll grab a pacifier and know it goes in his mouth, many times instead of us giving it to him he grabs it out of our hands and does it himself.

He's very ticklish in his thighs - he'll belly laugh so hard if you tickle him there.

Tatum holds his arms up to  be picked up if he's in a walker or play set - it's so cute like he knows when you walk over "ok, please pick me up now Mommy."

Friday, May 18, 2018

Seven Month Favorites

Happy Friday! Our weekend plans are scrapped because of this never ending rain so we have a nice low key weekend ahead... including lots of Royal Wedding watching!

On Wednesday Tatum turned 7 months old, I can't believe it! Next week I have his seven month update coming but this was definitely the month with the most changes - it seemed like every week was something new.  I skipped 6 month favorites so there are extras for this month.  It's basically the three major categories we've hit lately... Play - we are playing ALL the time.  Eat - We've started eating solids this month and while it was off to a rocky start, we're slowly getting the hang of it. Teething - Anything and everything Tatum would like to put in his mouth.  Plus a few extras...

We've been playing so hard lately.  Six months he really noticed his toys more and seven months he was more able to play on his own, use his hands to hold things and crawl around to each toy.  The animal links are awesome because you can make about 5 link sets within the pack (I keep different sets all over from the one package) and he'll sit and hit the buttons on the glow light toy + his remote for minutes on end.  The ring stackers and blocks he got for Christmas and are perfect for his little hands at this point in time.

Starting solids did not go well for us at first - in fact it's something we're still working on and slowly getting the hang of.  The highchair is the best - we love it and you can easily wipe it down.  The spoon set is the one that has worked best for us so far (we've tried a few and also have a few for when he's older).  Waterproof bibs are a must as we always have food everywhere.  I love the little packages from the fruits starter kit because up until last night he didn't even finish one of those so it's better than wasting.

No teeth in yet but he's definitely teething - each day there is drool all over both of us.  I try to put a bib on him most days so he doesn't soak his shirt.  Anything and everything he can put into his mouth he will.  Any toy, any item.  These teething toys + any others have been favorites.

He's outgrown his infant car seat (sad day... especially since it was SO easy to snap onto his stroller) but the graco one we got is amazing - it was recommended by friends and I would highly recommend.  He can reach for things in the car now so we keep the giraffe as well as a few other little toys in the car for him to grab and play with. The nose cleaner I saw pop up on an add and after using the highly sought after frieda nose sucker - this is SO much better (maybe not for infants but for 3+ months).

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Charleston: Part Two

We all slept in and enjoyed the morning - the hotel delivers little breakfast items to your room in a picnic basket.

We did some more walking during the morning - into a few shops and boutiques, to rainbow row and back through Water Front Park.  Lunch was at Poogan's Porch - we split biscuits and gravy as well as mac n cheese for appetizers to all get a taste then each enjoyed our meals too.  We spent the afternoon shopping on King Street.

Derek and I went up to the hotel rooftop to grab a drink and saw Bella Thorne.  Our room had a rooftop too so we all hung out up there enjoying the weather and relaxing.  The hotel, like many in Charleston, offers complimentary wine and cheese hour in the lobby from 5-6 so we took part in that before getting ready for dinner.

For happy hour we went to probably my favorite place in Charleston - the Pavilion Bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel.  The setting is always fun, the views are great and the drinks are tasty.

We spent some time enjoying the rooftop before walking to dinner - we walked everywhere we went in Charleston and while our feet were sore at the end of the day, it was great exercise.

Our last dinner in Charleston was at Magnolia's and it was another great meal.  I had the buttermilk chicken and it was a classic souther dish as well as delicious.  We made stops at Kaminski's and a fudge shop on the way back to the hotel.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Last week we spent the week in Charleston and Kiawah and today I'm sharing our first of two days in Charleston.  Derek and I missed our flight but jumped on the next one and still made it in time for lunch.  We did Husk and most of us tried their famous cheeseburgers and loved them.  

The weather was great for our stay sunny and low 80's but cooler and much more enjoyable at night. 

We spent the afternoon walking around - checking out the Pineapple Fountain, Waterfront Park and walking along the battery.  We'd all been up early so we took some time to relax around the hotel. 

Our first dinner was at Hanks and it was one of my favorites.  I had the Seafood a la Wanda, as did my brother and everyone else had the grouper... Tatum had a nap! 

We'd stayed at The Restoration previously and loved it so this time we got a three bedroom suite so we could all be together - it was perfect for Tatum because there was plenty of space to play... and plenty of playmates who entertained him each morning/evening.

Part two tomorrow...