Friday, January 19, 2018

Life Lately

It's been a while! I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things next week but with a baby always to kick,play, eat and be held... sometimes there just isn't time.

Two days after New Years we took off for California - we enjoy our trips out there a couple times a year and this time it was combined with a family trip as well as a wedding.  It was also Tatum's first trip - he loved the plane!  Traveling with a baby was a little different than the usual vacation but we had a great time, altered things a little bit and just went with the flow.

Tatum turned three weeks old this week and we're noticing such a change in him just in the past few days.  My to do lists & free time get shorter each day as more and more time goes to Tatum.  He's sitting up with our help, always playing with (and eating his hands) and has a few toys that he can "play with."  

Our newborn days are quickly coming to an end - we aren't on a schedule yet but just started doing some naps in the crib this week and we spend more time in the playroom than ever before... Will share his nursery soon!  

This week we've just been in survival mode - we've each had a bad cold and Tatum had a case of pink eye.  All three are doing much better and starting to feel back to normal.  

We did manage to have friends over the other night for Taco Tuesday and a playdate - the best way to try to make it through the week.

Happy weekend! xx 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Top 7 of 2017

Today I'm sharing my top 7 events from 2017 - better late than never! 

1. Tatum
The highlight of our year was without a doubt when Tatum made his arrival and each day since he's been here (Tatum's Birth Story + First Week + First Month)

2. Pregnancy
I was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy and we really enjoyed that time for the majority of the year.  Favorite times include Announcing Our Gender Reveal + Pregnancy Updates.

3. New House
Right after Tatum on the list was the excitement of moving into our new home.  We spent the first part of the year putting the final touches into designing and watching it be build and then moved in right when I was 20 weeks pregnant back in June. (Moved + Sneak Peek + Final Updates)

4. Travels
Like every year, traveling always brings some of our favorite moments of the year.  We started the year out traveling on the first day of the year to the Rose Bowl.  A trip to Florida and Arizona to beat the cold, our annual summer trip to California and a babymoon to Bermuda were all highlights.  Our traveling finished in August for the rest of the year while we got ready to/welcomed our baby boy.

5. Holidays
Another highlight is always the holidays - Tatum was here to join us for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

6. Tailgates & Events
Even with being pregnant and raising a newborn we were able to get up to Penn State for a few football games - even one with Tatum and host a few fun events (Masters Sunday) - not nearly as many as usual though.  My favorite event hosted for me was definitely my baby shower - a wonderful day with girlfriends. (Tailgates: vs. Pitt + vs. Georgia State + vs. Indiana + vs. Nebraska)

7. Lake Days
We spent our first full summer at the new lake house and enjoyed lots of dock time.

Looking forward to all that's ahead in 2018... 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Break Scenes

Today I'm finally finishing up catch-up of the holiday season.  The photo below pretty much sums up our Christmas break - we ditched our plans and were very lazy - it was fantastic.

Start of Christmas Break:  For the first day of Christmas break we met up with my family for lunch and then went over to my parents house for the afternoon so Tatum could help Lovie bake some Christmas cookies.

Counting Down: We counted down the final days until Christmas morning.

Cookie Baking:  Similar to wrapping, I usually bake cookies throughout the season but with a time crunch and a newborn we just got to work and made them all the first night of Christmas break and had a little appetizer party for ourselves.

Playing:  Tatum is slowly starting to "play" a little bit more - so we've had fun testing out his Christmas gifts - his favorites are the play center, kicking in his tee pee and playing piano with kicks.

Family Christmas Dinner:  In addition to celebrating on Christmas, the whole family usually gets together for a nice Christmas meal together.  The temperatures were cold (and still are) sand we all three had colds so we didn't take Tatum out much but we also made it out for a family lunch the three of us.

New Years Eve:  We finished off the year with a lunch just the three of us then had a nice dinner with family before celebrating with friends.  The next day we were as lazy as that photo of Tatum - pizza and football too.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tatum's First Christmas

Christmas as a parent is such a treat - we had the best time celebrating.  This was our first year sleeping at home, our first year in the new house and our first year with Tatum.  He had no clue but we enjoyed showing him his gifts that I'm sure he'll enjoy playing with as this year goes on.  As in the past years, Stella opened her stocking first, followed by the rest of us.

After stockings by the fireplace we moved over to the tree to see what Santa brought - now was when Tatum went first.  He held on seeing each and every gift left for him - until the very last one and right after he fell asleep - he has some timing!  Then mom and dad did gifts with the occasional toy for Stella thrown in.

After gifts at home and some time to relax (and Tatum's nap) we headed over to my parent's house for Christmas round two and another set of matching pajamas.  We did stockings once we arrived and then our traditional breakfast. 

After breakfast we all gathered around the tree for gifts.  Tatum slept and kept up with his perfect timing from earlier - he woke up just as we finished opening our gifts and in time to see his own.

We hosted Christmas night this year and by that we did the drinks, appetizers, dessert and my mom/aunts brought the meal, main course and cleaned up - it was the perfect combination. 

We had a lengthy appetizer hour and a delicious meal to celebrate the night..

Tatum spent much of the night up celebrating with a few naps and had all the attention.  It was quite special to have a full house for not only his first Christmas but also our first Christmas in the new house.