Friday, March 24, 2017

The Arizona Biltmore

We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore for our stay right in Phoenix and also close to Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.  It's a huge property with plenty to do.  For our last day - we just stayed put to relax.  After a morning walk for some and a Sunday breakfast buffet it was off to the pool for the day.  

The hotel has about 6 or 7 pools so there are plenty to enjoy - we settled in at the main pool.

When on vacation right? A few snacks for us all to split.

With many activities, the hotel also offers a small, quick 18 round mini golf course so after hours of the pool we headed over there to play.

It was our last night and Derek and I were headed out on the red eye so we got down to grab a fire pit early then just went for Mexican close by the resort to finish out a great trip! 

Until next time! xx 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arizona Getaway: Top Golf

Jumping back into our stay in Arizona - we went for more of a relaxing trip so if we left the resort we tried to only do something for the morning and then spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool or on the property.

Derek and I love Top Golf and go each time we visit Dallas - Scottsdale has a huge location, not to mention very popular.  We got there a little after 10am and had to wait about a half hour - when we left the wait was already at 2+ hours a little after noon.

The rest of the day was spent by the one of the resort's pools.  The weather was great when we were there - in the 60's when we woke up, 90's in the afternoon - but a dry heat, then it would cool back off into the 70's around dinner time.  

It was my brother's birthday while we were there so celebrated with some gifts on the balcony before heading off to dinner.

The property at The Biltmore is so pretty, I couldn't pass up the chance at organizing some family photos.

We tried El Chorro for the first time and it was a new favorite.  There is a huge patio and the best outdoor setting.  They offer sticky buns before the meal which taste amazing and everyone loved their entrees.

Finishing things off with cocktails by the fire pit - our nightly ritual.

The last part of our trip tomorrow.. xx 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arizona Getaway: Desert Botanical Gardens

We got back Monday from a nice long weekend out in Arizona.  Derek and I got in a few hours after my parents and brother and met just in time for drinks then dinner at the hotel before calling it a night early to adjust to the time difference.

The next morning I was up early so a nice long walk around the property it was... followed by a donut on the balcony - when on vacation, right??

Before it got too hot for the day we spent the morning at Desert Botanical Gardens.  I'd picked it out and wasn't sure if it would be boring or not but we all loved it once we walked in.  It had all the classic desert scenes and plenty of cactuses to admire.  

We ate lunch on the patio of The Montauk in Scottsdale before heading back to the hotel to spend the rest of the day at the pool.  It was 90+ so the pool was the place to be - luckily with the dry heat the high temperatures were pleasant to enjoy and mornings/nights were cool.  

We ventured out for Mexican that night - always delicious in the southwest.  We ate at Los Dos Molinos - they are known for their spicy dishes and they aren't joking, spicy it is! They do have some non spicy on the menu and give you a warning.  There's a nice patio to enjoy too.

We finished off Friday night at the fire pits at the hotel - I could sit there all day, especially in that fantastic weather.

More to come... xx

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Thoughts

Happy Monday!  We're just getting back from a long weekend in Arizona and slowly trying to get into the swing of things today.

Currently Been Up To:
After a snow last week, we escaped to a very warm Arizona to relax and enjoy for the weekend.  I'm missing the desert already... 

Last year in Sedona.

Currently Loving:
Daylight Savings!  I hated loosing the hour - last Sunday felt like there literally were not enough hours in the day but I am loving the extra sunlight - later walks with Stella, more hours to do things in the evenings, etc.  Now if it would just warm up enough to uncover our patio furniture.

Our patio might be small but it's one of my favorite parts of this house - we'll get a little more time to use it before the move.

Currently Excited About:
All the events coming up that go along with the warmer season.  As we get closer to our move date I get more and more excited about all things house and home decor. 

Siding up and just waiting on the stone.

Currently Watching:
So sad that Summer House is over but other than that all the usuals - Scandal, Housewives and excited that The Catch is back.  Is anyone watching the new show, The Arrangement?? I'm intrigued so far.

My TV watching buddies.

Currently Wearing/Wanting:
I'm loving me some spring/summer shoes.  Now is the best time to stock up before they all sell out... 

Have a good week! xx