Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Family Pictures

Around Tatum's first birthday we had some family pictures done (as we did last year and it was so cool to see him running around this year as opposed to being 4 days old and sleeping last year!)  We had great weather and I'm so happy with how they turned out.  Not only does this help out with Christmas cards but it really helps out with grandparents Christmas gifts and such!

A couple weeks ago we also did a full family session for my mom and those came out great - it's so special to have especially the picture of all of us and the dogs!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Scenes: Penn State vs. Wisconsin

Happy Monday!  We made our last trip to Happy Valley of the season - we're skipping the last home game since it's Thanksgiving weekend but hope to make a winter trip up in the new year.  It was a noon game which meant a shorter morning tailgate.  We heated some quiches, had a bagel bar, donuts and a few dips plus a bloody mary bar and some other drinks.

It was freezing!  There was a dusting of snow on the ground when we woke up and the wind was strong.  We managed to get a little table setup and some people tailgated from inside the car to keep warm.  Tatum was enjoying his morning nap when we got to the stadium so we left him in the car to stay warm and after bundling him up outside for a little bit we kept him in the car.

The game was a good one but still cold in the stadium, we watched for a bit and then Tatum and I kept warm under the heaters in the bathroom for a bit.  With a lead at half time we all decided to go back to the house for the second half and keep warm.  It was a nice win 22-10.

If Tatum wasn't with us we would have finished out the game but it was nice to lounge on the couches and watch the game while keeping warm. 

Friday, November 9, 2018


We got back on Wednesday from a great trip down to Dallas.  We usually go every fall but had to skip it last year because of Tatum's birth so it was nice to get back down there and also have him with us.

After grabbing our bags and rental car we headed off to find some good food for lunch.  We had plans to go to Rally Day at the stadium (which I shared yesterday) so we went in that direction and found Texas Live! something similar to a place we have here near the stadiums.  

After checking in we did a quick change to get ready and go out for dinner as Sunday was also Derek's birthday!  We went to our favorite restaurant in Dallas, Nick & Sam's.  We went on the earlier side as we had Tatum with us - when making the plans I'd forgotten about the hour time difference and that it was the start of daylight savings so Tatum ate his mac n cheese, watched a few minutes of a show and then fell asleep in Derek's arms.  We let him sleep in between us in the booth until we were done.  He held up well, got to be at the birthday dinner and we got a little bit of a date night in too.

Monday morning we were up early with the time difference and after stocking up on some items for Tatum at the CVS by the hotel, this mom was off to the first spa appointment of the day while the boys did breakfast and Tatum's nap.

We had some time to kill that morning so we went over to the Perot museum downtown - we knew Tatum wouldn't be able to take part in that much but the kids center seemed fun and when we got there - he loved it!  Especially being away and needing a spot to play, it was a great way to kill some time and the first time we'd done something like that with him.

We went to lunch at a Mexican spot by the hotel in downtown Dallas and after a little browsing at the flagship Neiman Marcus, we made our way over to Top Golf - another usual spot.  Tatum treated us with a nap in his stroller for the first half of our time there while we played then we traded off playing golf and playing with Tatum.  

When we finished up we went back to the hotel for a bit of relaxing before getting ready for the Cowboys game - that was shared yesterday!

Tuesday morning we went over to check out the new Ford Center at The Star - it's an impressive facility where the Cowboys headquarters are and we enjoyed the tour.  Tatum seems pretty comfortable on the turf - maybe a future football player!

Another favorite & Mexican meal was Mi Cocina for lunch in Highland Park - we had a leisurely lunch and then strolled Tatum through a few stores before driving around and looking at houses.  Next we did something we rarely do on vacations - slowed down and relaxed!  Tatum played around the room and hotel, napped and we relaxed. 

We wanted to make sure to let Tatum get to bed early on our last night and had been enjoying the low key time so we took him for a little walk around downtown Dallas then did dinner at one of the restaurants by the hotel.  Derek and I each grabbed a drink to take up to the room and watched tv.  It was nice and I think the new normal for some nights of traveling! 

Wednesday we were up and out early to get back home.  It was a busy and exciting morning at the DFW airport I guess because Leigh Anne from Real Housewives of Dallas was behind us in the security line then we passed Cary and JoJo from the Bachelorette later (Stephanie and Brandi were flying out of the gate next to us as we ate breakfast so we just missed them) but they were all heading for the reunion in NYC. 

About 5 minutes before we were to board our flight got delayed two hours but Tatum handled the extended travel as well as the flight well!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cowboys Game & Rally Day

We got back yesterday from a great trip back down to Dallas (details tomorrow) - our main plan was to go to the Cowboys Monday Night Football game.  When we got into town Rally Day was going on at the stadium.  Derek and I had gone to this event a few years ago but wanted to go back with Tatum as he wasn't going to the game and the event is very kid friendly.

We had the best time letting him run around on the turf, get balloon animals, meet the cheerleaders and the mascot, etc. 

Monday we got over to the stadium a little early to grab a drink, checkout some of the pregame parties in the plaza then get settled in our seats for the pregame stuff.  Derek loves our trips to see his team play and since I love their show, I love watching the cheerleaders!  The stadium is such a fun time and despite the loss we had a great parents night out!