Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This & That

80 degrees in PA on October 10th - not a usual occurrence and while I'll welcome fall with open arms we took advantage of the weather with one of my last mocktail happy hours, time on the deck and Mexican night just the three of us...

39 weeks... Some final weekly bump pictures and daily pregnancy app readings.  As much as I wanted baby to come I was trying to soak in the final pregnant days until next time.  I thought it was funny that his size was a pumpkin seeing as we're so close to Halloween.

How cute is Lovie!  I saw this pillow and while the baby hadn't arrived and it's not nearly the holiday season, I couldn't pass it up! She is the ultimate Santa and has always made the season so much fun for us - excited that it's my turn now... along with her.

Everyone was in the office so it called for a walk to lunch together.. anytime I see anyone I find myself wondering - is this our last family meal, just the five of us?

I think this is genuinely my new favorite photo, ever.  I love how happy Stella looks - we get so lazy once it starts getting dark out earlier - this night we scrapped dinner plans and played with Stella instead.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pregnancy: 39 Weeks & The Final Update

I can't believe this pregnancy has come to an end and the real excitement is just beginning.  In some ways it feels like I've literally been pregnant for a year (our first positive was a year ago) but the time really has flown since the beginning of February when we found out.  I am so thrilled and blessed to say I genuinely liked being pregnant but for now I am looking forward to getting back to normal workouts, normal clothes, cocktails... and loving on our sweet new baby boy!

38 weeks - date night ready!

39 Weeks: 
39 Weeks & an 80 degree October day

I've been pregnant since the very end of January - Right at 39 weeks it hit me that so soon I can have a glass of wine, a hoagie, tuna, etc.  And I cannot wait - having my baby and getting to enjoy those things - just like having your cake and eating it too. 

I ordered a few tops from the Loft sale recently for post pregnancy and I forgot how much fun regular clothes are - I'm so excited! Edit: When the bag of tops came in I was even more excited and have a little pile waiting in the closet.  Also excited for shoes that fit again - so sick of flip flops. 

We've had friends checking in daily this week - one morning all the texts seemed to come through at once and it just set me up for the best day! Finally fall hit in that same day and it was amazing - I wasn't a sweaty mess, my wedding bands fit and I could finally wear one of the fall maternity tops I thought I needed after the cold start in September.  I upped my now weekly pedicure from a regular to a spa pedicure this week and it was the best hour.  Another 80 degree day is predicted this weekend then I think we're hopefully in the clear for fall.

 I find myself fully nesting and tidying up the house every day, running the dishwasher way more than I usually do and doing extra loads of laundry so we come home to every thing neat - plus our house cleaner will be one of our first calls :)  I'm a mix between "doing all the things, all the time" and enjoying couch time - staying busy and "doing" is more me though.  We also took our Stella girl for a haircut so she's all pretty and fluffy for family photos later this month. 

At my appointment right at the start of 39 weeks I was 2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced - she said the baby could be here any day so we've been on baby watch all week.  If not, on Monday at my last appointment we'll make a plan.

Symptoms all pretty much the same - a few contractions and cramps and such - up anywhere between 3-5 times a night for the bathroom - tired - sore feet - wedding rings mostly off - pelvic pain and pressure which makes me move pretty slow.  I'm still getting around pretty well though and living normal days - we do walks, go out to eat, etc.

The Final Update:

Best Moment: Definitely finding out the gender! The positive pregnancy test was exciting but we'd been there before so it wasn't maybe as exciting as could be.  The gender we were lucky enough to find out by 12 weeks and I'll never forget knowing that the results were in.  We weren't living in the new house yet and opened the envelope together over here, told my mom just a day later, a couple family members and friends and then had the big reveal about a month later.

Least Favorite Moment: The glucose test - I worried myself sick for really no reason.  I was so nervous to take this test, I don't know why! (I get nervous about the dumbest things).  Little things like the overnight bathroom breaks, pelvic pain and other soreness - but nothing major to complain about.

Best/Worst Part of Each Trimester:
1st - best: that having a baby was becoming a reality, the positive test, the gender / worst: sleep
2nd - best: energy being back, living normal life/summer / worst - some stress and negativity that was brought in
3rd - best: the excitement, being in the moment of getting everything left finished / worst: running out of clothes, being sore, waking up multiple times a night.

Name: We knew the name since almost the start of the second trimester.  Once we knew the gender I was determined to figure out what he would be called - we agreed on the first name really quickly as well as the middle initial.  About 25 weeks or so we settled on a middle name and were good to go. We only shared the name with a small amount of family/friends and the initials with a few too so did a surprisingly good job at keeping quiet.

The Pregnancy Usuals - Swelling, Rings On/Off, Belly Button In/Out: I lucked out on most of these - I didn't have a day of swelling until my third trimester and it wasn't consistent.  A couple times a week by the end of the day my feet would swell - but not always.  If I didn't drink enough water that was usually the cause.  There were a few hot days towards the end where I just didn't put my wedding rings on but other than that I was able to wear them the whole time.  My belly button pretty much remained in until the end (I was so glad!) - some days it would look a little flat and weird but...

Cravings/Aversions: From about 5 weeks pregnant until 38 weeks I couldn't stand the thought of a steak - I think because we went to one of our favorite steakhouses shortly after I found out I was pregnant when I just wasn't hungry at all and I over ate - glad it went away right at the end.  

In the beginning I wasn't sick but couldn't tolerate anything other than simple meals.  My main cravings were donuts and cheese burgers.  I'd hear something and want it asap though.  A couple other weird cravings once or twice - miso soup, guacamole, chocolate chip cookies.

Missed the Most: Happy Hour! After a few weeks it was routine but I definitely missed my wine and cocktails.  I missed my clothes, regular sleep and normal things like that too.

Symptoms/Sleep/Feelings/Exercises: For the most part I felt pretty good and embraced/loved being pregnant.  The first trimester I was just exhausted, didn't really do much and wasn't interested in much food - other than if I didn't eat in the morning, I certainly felt sick quick.  

The second trimester I almost forgot I was pregnant - other than when we spent about a month packing to move - I just got into a slump.

Pelvic pain and back pain were hit or miss sometimes during the pregnancy - definitely noticeable at the end.

The third trimester I'd heard you loose your energy but I didn't really loose mine until about 37 weeks and I was so thankful! The last few weeks my feet ached if on them too long and also swelled.  On a few occasions my hands swelled too. 

Other than a little trouble in the beginning, I slept pretty well until that final month or so with all the bathroom breaks and trying to roll over in my sleep took lots of effort.  After enough time on my feet I just wanted to sit, Some come/go pelvic pain and a little bit of swelling at the end.

Being 8/9 months pregnant in the heat is no joke - we had a few fall heat waves and I hid out inside.  I walked Stella just about once a day for most of the pregnancy until the final weeks - the weather was hot, I was tired and just slacked.  The last week or so I made sure to get back into it because I heard it made things easier.

Weight Gain: 35 pounds... I was aiming for around 30 but 35 in 40 weeks, I'll take it.  Pretty standard by what you were suppose to gain each week.  I barely gained any in the first trimester because I wasn't really hungry.  It was the pretty standard pound or so per week in the second trimester.  In the third trimester I definitely gained it quicker and the final weeks it leveled out or I lost a few.

Medicine: Only a handful of times I needed to take something of the approved list from my doctor.  Tylenol or Tylenol PM rarely right in the beginning and then with just a few weeks left was when I really needed it with a cold - some approved cough syrup and Tylenol Cold/Flu... I didn't take for long (and was left with a lingering cough...)

Favorite Mocktails: I was big into the Fre Wines in the beginning but those quickly got too sweet and I got over it.  I loved the La Croix drinks which I'd never had before and also making myself some peach lemonades. I think an ice cold coke was my favorite treat but also on vacations I loved virgin strawberry margaritas.

General Thoughts: I was more calm than I thought, didn't worry as much as I thought and we were all around just go with the flow.  I was blessed with an easy pregnancy and I can only hope the same for our future babies - until literally the last week or so (not long!) when I was just sore and over it, I genuinely liked being pregnant.  The bump didn't appear as quick as I thought - I had a few maternity dresses I had to grow into - and while the heat at the end of the pregnancy was so annoying (I felt like a sweaty mess every day!), being able to wear dresses most of the time was the best.

Famous Preggos: I loved following along with LC and Whitney from The Hills, Heidi was due like a day after me but he came fairy early.  Mine/Derek's favorite from Southern Charm, Cameran, I think is due about two weeks after me and I've loved her honesty and especially when she just told people off about breast feeding..  I've also been keeping up with Jade from the Bachelor - so many reality stars, ha! And now right at the end, half of the Kardashians.

Pregnancy Item Favorites: Most of my pregnancy favorites weren't even pregnancy items.  A little pillow from our guest room was my favorite to sleep with.  Also a Lumbar pillow, Ice packs for feet, back and pelvis, bath sheets - much better than a little bath towel when you have a growing belly!, Gap night gowns - so comfortable and my regular size fit the whole time.

Pregnancy Item Least Favorites: I never touched the stretch cream I got nor did I get the full body pillow that everyone raves about - I flip around too much in my sleep so I just thought it wouldn't work.

Tips: Do what works for you - don't compare yourself to others, everyone is different! Don't let other people's opinions or pressures get to you - Am I going to breast feed, pump, formula? I don't know - if it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't - whatever makes Derek, the baby and I happiest and healthiest and fed! Everyone has an opinion.  Know when to say no - people understand! Remove any stress from your life.

Don't over buy pregnancy clothes, especially too early.  Buy baby clothes early on - I did this right when we found out it was a boy and before things got busy and rushed and it was such fun.  Of course closer to the end I stocked up too on anything we needed more of but it's never too early to get a few things.  I did wait until a month before for any newborn things once I knew he was a "normal" size.

Know your limits and when to take a break on the couch, lay propped up, indulge in massages/pedicures whenever you can - at the end I was going once a week I think!  Walking really can help you feel better and making sure you get enough water is huge - I could always tell a difference if I didn't have enough.  Enjoy as many date nights as you can!

Things I will never say to a pregnant girl: 
  • First baby's are usually late (you have no idea when the baby will come and a first time mom that just wants the baby to come, does not want to hear that!)
  • Anything forceful on breastfeeding
  • Your dog will be neglected 
  • Just wait and see... 
  • Enjoy ____ now, because when the baby comes... 
Things I will say... you look great, and mean it - it can make a day!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday's Five: First Month Goals

Really my only goal for the baby's first month is: to survive... and enjoy!

I have no goals as far as the baby other than for us to just enjoy this time, adjust to our new life, get sleep while we can, and have lots of cuddles with our little guy!  We're going into things with an open mind and not many expectations or plans - the only plan is to do what's best for us.  These are just a few ways for us to keep life somewhat normal for ourselves.  

Are all of my goals realistic?  Who knows - personally, for us, I do think they are.  
Am I expecting them all to be achieved (and especially during that first week)?  No.  
But, if I write something down, I'm much more likely to hold myself accountable to try so... 

1. Date nights - and by date night, I mean sitting down to dinner together - takeout on the deck, a freezer meal in the dining room, venturing out to one of our favorite spots with the baby for dinner/lunch.   I know we'll definitely make it out for at least one (if not more) because Derek's birthday is coming up so leaving the little guy with my parents briefly is already on our minds.

2. Stella - I want to make sure to make sure she feels loved and included.  I am self admittedly SO obsessed with her.  Knowing her personality, I know she will love the baby once she realizes he's one of her family - she already lays on the rug in his room and we joke that she'll want to sleep in there with them.  

Whether she gets a five minute walk instead of a half hour walk or rides in the car for an errand instead of a full day wondering at the office I want to make an effort to keep her routine somewhat normal and spend some time cuddling just her.  We've been bad about making an effort to get her to daycare recently so I think with the baby at first letting her go once a week to have fun playing will be great!

If I had to hear one more time "just wait Stella, you'll be forgotten about"... No, Stella will not be forgotten about - she's a full family member as we are proudly crazy dog people. 

3. Quiet Time - Not only me with maternity leave, but Derek also is able to have a lot of time off as well and I'm so thankful for our flexible schedules - I think having both of us around more will help us transition into this new life much better.  Running an errand alone, having a little bit of time to sit on the couch and scroll on Pinterest, Sunday football (all  of us will be together for Saturday football and Penn State viewing, of course!), a half hour nap, a quick pedicure - Once a week or so I think it's healthy to make sure each of us does something little just for us - separate from the other - to just relax and breathe.

4. Getting Out - I know myself and if I get into the habit of just sitting at home right away, I'll probably be stuck in that slump all winter long! Getting out or getting others in too - simple things like going to my parents for dinner, having a neighbor over to the house for a drink, going out for an easy lunch or dinner, a short walk, venturing to Target the three of us (because if I'm being honest, I'm definitely too scared to try that on my own, ha)!

While schedules are flexible, it won't be a full maternity leave and we'll still have to get into the office periodically but even just getting out to go there will do some good.

5. Don't Worry About Pressures: I don't feel the need to do something a certain way just because someone else did.  I feel the need to do whatever makes Derek, the baby and I happiest and healthiest.  I never realized how many opinions people had... on everything, ha! Any comments and such I'm hoping I can just ignore and not let get to me.  

How to feed the baby, where a baby should sleep, loosing baby weight, keeping our house a certain way, going out with the baby - every person's views are different! 

Oh my, I hit a point during my pregnancy where I'd been asked about breastfeeding so much - I was happy to see and hear when people spoke up about formula feeding.  I don't feel the need to breastfeed, pump, formula feed just because that's what everyone says to do - If something works, it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. Whatever is healthiest and best for us is what we'll do - I won't let it make us all miserable.  When we got Stella she refused to eat for three weeks so for four meals a day - she was hand fed, I think we'll make it!

Happy & healthy mom, baby and dad are key in my mind.

Any mamas have tips for surviving the first week/month?!  Please share!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

This & That

It might have been dusk into dark but we finally made it out to the pumpkin patch to grab a few pumpkins for the porch.  I didn't mind the quick/dark stop though because we plan to head back right near Halloween with the baby.

The farm is right by my parents house so we went over for dinner afterwards - I've been wanting to do dinner on their deck forever and even though we were all running behind and lost the light, we came back to find my mom making it work with a cute fall setup - table cloth, candles, lanterns and I got my dinner on the deck!

Once we got the pumpkins we finished up our porch display for now - next year I'm going to have to switch a little bit from just fall to Halloween too.

I've been flipping where fall decorations are throughout the house and I think we're finally good to go. I was trying to incorporate anything that made the move with us so it didn't go to waste.  In other housework, the baby's closet is sitting, waiting and ready to go - I know most people say to utilize the dresser for clothes because it's easier and you won't want to be hanging laundry but we are so much more "closet" people - in our own room too.  I like to see what the options are.

It's finally down into the upper 60's/lower 70's and I was able to throw in a few fall like outfits recently - mostly it's just a rotation of about five dresses and flip flops, ha!  Also, we went out for one last nice dinner recently and I was so thankful to have bought one long sleeve maternity dress - even though I haven't gotten much use out of it - at least I had something to wear that night!

My new favorite obsession - avocado toast!  I had it at my girlfriend's house and it's so easy/fun to make at home - it might possibly have been our first time using our toaster.  Seasoned and mashed avocado along with two of my other favorites... red onion and feta.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 37-38

The anticipation each day of "could today be the day" or "I'd love a few more days to relax and get things done" is really fun but also can make you a little nervous/anxious.  I'm rarely surprised - I always like to pick things out so not knowing when he's coming has been fun.

37 weeks & headed out for a date night (top),
38 weeks & headed to the doctor followed by the office (bottom)

Baby's Size:
Apple Pie (37 weeks) - 19-22 inches, 6.5 pounds according to the baby app
Braided Sweet Bread (38 Weeks) - 19-22 inches, 6.5 pounds according to the baby app


It's a boy!

Best Moments/What We've Been Up To:

37 weeks: This week was a highlight because we made it to full term! While I'd like another week or so, I'm okay with him coming at anytime now.  I had another doctor's appointment and she said I should be okay to travel up to Penn State (no progress yet!) even though they recommend travel ending about a week and a half prior - we did the overnight successfully, enjoyed ourselves and made it home just fine!  Lots of tying up loose ends.

I put together our gifts for the nurses so other than a few last minute things our hospital pile is ready to go.

38 weeks: We celebrated the start of October/Baby Month with a last nice date night out at one of our favorite steak houses - still hoping to squeeze in a few more regular date nights too.  I tried to do the best I could to get myself ahead and organized at the office and left stacks of things I'd need brought home, things that are finished, things to do, etc. - After I shared my updates with my mom/brother my mom texted me "thanks for getting things so organized at the office" and it just made my day!

My doctor's appointment was fun as there was finally some progress - 1 centimeter dilated and 30% effaced.  His heartbeat was 145 and I left excitedly wondering when he'd come.  I also reorganized our hospital stuff that night and tried to get a little more organized.

We got the diaper bag packed up for the most part, re-did a few little things in the nursery/playroom and setup a couple final things I'd ordered (those Pottery Barn Kids plush toys are hard to pass up... especially with a gift card!)  We also all got a small little "nursery" setup at the office with a pack n play, diaper basket, and play mat - I was going to wait until after the baby to do this but with most other things done figured, why not?!

Yes! He's cozy in there and kicking around - the kicks are a little stronger and feel different - sometimes can be confused with minor braxton hicks contractions. 


All ready! I think I'll keep rearranging and picking little things until he gets here but we are all done. I ordered one little chest for toys to go in an open area (that we don't really need yet - but figured I'd do it while it's fun!)  and a couple little stuffed animals - I'm obsessed with the Jelly Cat brand.

Maternity Clothes:

Getting so bored of them! Just a few outfits - still trying to get the most out of my dresses and have some fall outfits - I did go to the office the other day in workout clothes just because.  I have a handful of dresses left that aren't too summery and still fit and can just easily throw a jacket on over them.

I miss my shoes! I've been getting away in flip flops as much as I can or simple slide ons, flats and mules.


Normal night's sleep, wine, energy... just the usual.  I'm starting to really crave some things like tuna, smoked salmon and can't wait to have them afterwards.


Nothing crazy - in fact with little room left I fill up pretty quickly.  I'd been dying for Taco Bell (which I haven't had in years!) for about four months and we finally saw one on the way home from Penn State and stopped - I was content with my tacos and nachos and am now over that.

Feeling... Symptoms/Sleep:

All in all - not bad! I'm so thankful I still have enough energy - I can tell its dwindling by the day though.  I'm a night owl right now... until about 11/midnight but with the waking up overnight I have the hardest time waking up - some mornings I push it as late as I can and jump out of bed to get ready for work as quick as I can.  Usually in the mid afternoon I could use a little rest too.  Some nights I'm up once or twice and some nights four or so times!

After a bit of time on my feet they are most definitely sore and some pelvic pain too.

Swelling is hit or miss by the day and not bad by any means but I have had a few days of just wearing my wedding bands or wearing my bands and engagement ring on my pinky - They almost got stuck one day with the elevation level going up the mountain to State College.  I'm always asking Derek for foot rubs at night which I think really helps with keeping the swelling down!

Just after 38 weeks I was most definitely "feeling pregnant" - hard to get up after sitting down, the aches/pains - that it didn't hit until this close to the end, I tried not to complain too much.

I've been terrible about this swapping out extra sleep in the mornings instead of our usual walks.  Now that it's finally cooling off a little bit I've made it a point to get out each day - usually afternoons now. I know walking is one of the best things you can do so I try to keep it up!

One afternoon I just popped into the mall on the way to the grocery store to get some walking in.  A sweet worker couldn't believe I was due in just over a week - made my day!

Dad to Be:

I think Derek's wondering if there's anything left that he could possibly put together, ha! He's most recently mastered the stroller, packing it up, etc. so we'll be good to go.  I was trying to get ahead at the office last week and didn't make it home until 6:30 (super late for me) and he had steak and sides leftovers from our "last nice dinner date" out on the counter and ready for us. 

Happy, Moody & Final Pregnancy Things: 
Happy, excited, anxious, nervous - all the feels! Weird as it sounds, it is still really hard to realize that in just a few days/weeks we will be a family of three.  My belly button is still flat/in and seeing as we're having another warmer spell - I wear my wedding rings on my pinky some days. Cannot wait for the weather to officially cool off for good!

I did have a cry one night because Derek was nicely unloading my car and saw something I'd bought ahead for his birthday.  

Usually I don't really notice the contractions but I have had a time or two where I did which is exciting! My only question was how long my doctor lets it go before inducing, ha! And I liked her answer so that was reassuring. 

I'm still dealing with a lingering cough and I'm pretty sure at this point it won't go away until after the baby is here from what I've heard - just glad the cold is gone and the cough only really acts up at night when I lay down.

Excited For:

37 weeks - I have another doctor's appointment next week right at 38 weeks - no progress so far so hopefully some news there! Hoping to get a few more date nights in but we're heading out tomorrow to celebrate the start of baby month with one last "nice" dinner out at one of our favorite steakhouses - I have barely been able to set foot in any steakhouse since becoming pregnant but in the last week or so I've been wanting it.

38 weeks -  The anticipation! Knowing that he could come tomorrow or in two weeks.  We have very few plans this weekend and I cannot wait - my DVR is full and I've been longing for dinner and relaxing on the deck, which I think we'll do.  Next week starts a lighter schedule for me - looking forward to that!

Checking in on my apps each day - What to Expect and Ovia have been my favorites.
A sneak peek into the playroom... 
And a sneak peek to one of his bookshelves...
It was such a relief when all these little clothes and accessories were washed, folded, hung up and put away!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Scenes

It was a much needed low-key weekend around here.  I realized I haven't done a weekend scenes post in a while (that isn't surrounded around football!) and seeing as this could be our last weekend just the two of us - or we could have one, maybe two more, I thought now would be a good time.  While we didn't do much of anything exciting this weekend, here we go... 

After getting in a few errands on the way to the office - car wash, pedicure - it's like "do all the possible things that could be done" in my mind - pure nesting - we had another Friday Funday lunch at the office and walked over to town to pick it up for everyone to enjoy back at the office.

If I'm in the office on a Friday then I try to sneak out early so Stella and I kicked off the weekend with a nice long nap - I've been waiting for it all week!  After that it was a quiet night at home - Derek picked up pizza, we caught up on DVR and that was it.

Saturday morning kicked off with a walk on the trail near our house - it didn't feel like October 7th as the temperature was about 80 - I'm so craving those cooler fall days!

Like most Saturday's - our day revolved around the Penn State game.  We laid around watching College Game Day before our walk, Lee Corso's 300th pick once we got back and got a little spread together for the noon game.  We beat Northwestern 31-7 to advance to 6-0.  With Penn State off next week that was very possibly our last game to watch just the two of us!

I did a pre-fall closet swap around Labor Day to get ahead - joke was on me with the weather we've been having - and that none of my shoes will likely fit until after the baby comes but I went ahead and put away a few more summer like maternity pieces and started organizing some things to bring out post baby.

Saturday night we scrapped our plans for a fun dinner out, stayed in sweats, ordered takeout and watched football as well as catching up on DVR.

a bump, a pup and a husband giving a ftotrub - it wasn't the original plan but it wasn't a bad plan

Playing around in the playroom with our current only child - She's got her dog pound all ready for playing with little brother - and has been good about knowing that the toys/stuffed animals in that room and the nursery are not hers.

Yesterday I spent much of the day celebrating a sweet little boy and his mama - he's due exactly a month after our boy!  I picked up my mom and we had a wonderful day with a bunch of ladies - Bingo is seriously one of my favorite games, I loved playing... and winning :)

The only picture I managed from the day - trying to make about five dresses work with this strange October heat, a jacket to make it look "fall like," shoes to change into at the last minute...

I got back just in time to watch the Cowboys game with Derek and enjoy our first Sunday crockpot meal of the season - the past few weeks either he or both of us have been out with friends or we've been to tired from Saturday football to get anything going.  The rest of the night was spent... on the couch!

I also did have some fun browsing the holiday sales this weekend - my favorite purchase was definitely four new matching Christmas stockings.  We didn't have a fireplace at our old house so we hung them on a ledge and Stella's didn't match ours - I'm happy this problem is fixed... months ahead of time :)

Have a good week! xx

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Picks

Happy Friday! I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home.  There are also so many good sales going on right now - I'm sure I'll be browsing them all as the weekend continues.  It's a great time to start Christmas shopping - or to just pickup a treat for yourself.

Banana Republic - 40% off 

(for the home)

I stopped into the mall yesterday afternoon - partly for browsing and partly too walk (love that AC) and while I'm itching to get some new clothes - I try not to even look right now - but my eye has been catching some accessories that.  I've had a few scarves and wraps catch my eye lately like this check blanket scarf, this cheetah print scarf and this knit cape.  

I've also barely looked at shoes either - my feet are swollen by the end of the day and flip flops have been my saving grace (I cannot wait to get back into my normal espadrilles and such) - mules work too when the weather is cool enough and this leopard pair is at the top of my list.  I love this simple fringe earring also - I'm torn between the light pink and the cream.

Crossbody bags and clutches have been on my radar lately - I feel like with a diaper bag it's so much easier to carry something small and I've already gotten into the habit of it now.  This tory burch crossbody is perfect and there's something so simple about this burberry nylon pouch that I love.

In a few weeks I'll be living for dry shampoo and this dry bar dry shampoo is my favorite.  I've also been on the search for a good light pink/nude lip color - YSL is always my favorite but I'm open for suggestions - more of a lipstick then a gloss... 

Enjoy your weekend! xx