Friday, August 18, 2017

This & That

Happy Friday! We had one of the smoothest weeks we've had in a while - no stress, busy but time to relax each night.  Tomorrow we have some friends coming into town for my baby shower this weekend - I can't wait to have them all here!  This week's been fun doing some things to get ready with my mom - she knows how I love events and let me help pick some things and such as well as a big errands day and lunch together.

In other happenings, last weekend we enjoyed one of our final trips up to the lake for the season - doesn't it feel like it was just June and the summer was just beginning???

Even though the days are busy, I've made it a point lately to take a little break in the afternoons before getting back to the chaos of daily life.

It seems boxes are arriving daily - baby shower gifts, baby necessities and recently nursery decorations - the room is slowly coming together and while we don't have everything yet, we have a plan for what goes where/everything we need.

I'd seen a few bloggers posting delicious recipes for breakfast or breakfast meals they'd eaten, etc. and been wanting something good for a long while so Monday night Derek ran out and we had this casserole for dinner and it didn't disappoint.

After two months of waiting, our window treatments were installed this week! I'm still getting used to seeing them but we love finally having them - it makes things more homey.

With people visiting over the weekend we've been trying to use that as a reason to get house projects done and so we can feel "finished" before the baby comes.  Derek the DIY guy has been at it each day with different projects, wall hangings and such and I love that more and more is getting crossed off the "to do" list.

And our sweet Stella girl has been cuddly as ever... 

Have a good weekend! xx 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Babymoon in Bermuda (Part Two)

I'm back today to share the second half of our Babymoon in Bermuda.  If you missed part one, you can read that here.

After a full beach/pool day the day before for our third day we headed into town to browse the stores early before it got too hot! We took a taxi over for the half mile walk because humidity and pregnancy, ha! but we did walk back to the hotel after walking the strip with stores.

Many days we do coordinate outfits on vacations - I'll pull out an outfit and Derek will just take out whatever in his suitcase looks best with it.  I was laughing this day because we packed as little as possible and didn't really have a day outfit other than bathing suits so we just through these together with extras we had and completely accidentally matched to a tee.

After hearing so much about the famous Swizzle Inn during this trip and our last visit we decided to make the scenic drive over and try it out for lunch.  We opted to sit inside as it was getting pretty hot.

The rest of the day was all about the pool!  We got back around 1:30 and stayed out there until past six just relaxing, enjoying time in the shade, floating in the pool and taking some naps.

For our last night there we headed back into town, we went to visit a friend at Muse for a pre dinner drink and then had a great dinner at the Lobster Pot before walking back down to the hotel to settle in for the night.

Our flight home wasn't until later on in the afternoon the last day so we were up early and ready to take advantage of our final time there.  I spent some time at the pool while it was quiet just doing some reading and enjoying the gorgeous sites one more time.

We grabbed the first jitney down to the beach where it was so quiet so a great time to catch a little more sun, play in the water and Derek took a kayak out.  

To finish things off we did lunch at one of the hotel's new restaurants, Marcus, and then headed off to the airport for a quick flight home.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Babymoon in Bermuda

Last week we took a quick little Babymoon to Bermuda before I need to stop flying.  It's crazy to think that our next trip we'll have a baby with us!  Bermuda is just under a two hour flight from here and only one hour ahead so it made for an easy trip.  The last time we'd been there was in April and the weather was much different - hot and humid this time but we lucked out - no rain, all sun and great beach/pool days.

There was hardly anything planned so it was a very relaxing trip!  Much of what I wore was non-maternity other than a dress or two and a bathing suit/coverup.  We stayed at the Hamilton Princess right in the town of Hamilton and it had just undergone a huge renovation so the property was so pretty.  The highlight was the pool which looked right over the marina.

As soon as we made it through customs and to the hotel we got changed right away and headed straight to the pool.  We stayed put there until a little after 7:00 - usually we aren't out that late in the sun - so it was a great way to start off the trip.  They had the best sparkling beach lemonade which was a great treat to enjoy.

For dinner that night we kept things simple and didn't leave the hotel by eating outside at 1609 with great live music and a nice breeze.  

To kick off our first full day we slept in and it was fantastic! After some balcony time and reading it was off to the spa for the best hour - massages.  

The jitney heads to the beach club every half hour so we grabbed the first one out after we were done at the spa.  It was so peaceful as it wasn't crowded so after picking a couple beach chairs we grabbed lunch at the restaurant then enjoyed the rest of the afternoon enjoying - relaxing in our chairs in the shade, swimming, playing on the hammocks, and rock climbing/paddle boarding for Derek.  

We finished off the afternoon back at the hotel for a few hours complete with a pool side nap.

One restaurant we loved from our last trip was the Waterlot Inn at the Fairmont's other property so on this night we headed over there early to enjoy time on the dock first and then have a great dinner.  

I haven't set foot in a steakhouse since I was about 5 weeks pregnant as I've had an aversion to steak but my scallops were great, the steakhouse sides were delicious as always and the sea salt carmel chocolates at the end of the meal were the highlight - we may or may not have asked for some extras to take back to the hotel with us.