Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Things

This month is flying by, I think that trying to get things done with Tatum in tow makes it go by even faster.  The past two days I tried to stay up late and wake up a little before he wakes up to try to wrap up our Christmas shopping via online - having a newborn has me a little behind on things but with the exception of a few errands I think that I'm just about done!

We got our tree (and fake trees) decorated and hung Tatum's first Christmas ornament plus a personalized one I picked up for him.

Our Christmas cards went in the mail - it was quite the accomplishment to get them signed, sealed and delivered.  We take advantage of the weather any day that it's not freezing - something we won't be doing today - our coldest day yet.

We've almost got our Christmas shopping done - it's not quite as easy in years past when I could just run errands whenever I wanted.  Last week we did take a day and went to the mall + lunch with my mom and brother.

We've made our famous Christmas Cheer - last night we enjoyed our first sips of it!  We've also spent many nights curled up by the Christmas trees.

Even though he's not quite old enough yet, we move our Elf on the Shelf around for each other to find.  We remember to do it maybe twice a week.

Just after the month started I picked up this book - there's a different Disney Christmas story for each day - it's become part of mine and Tatum's morning routine - another part of the routine is moving the advent calendar each day.

We haven't done a ton of hosting - yet (we have a few upcoming events) but we've had some nights with family over to enjoy the season.

A new tradition (I think) was started this year - gingerbread houses.  I wasn't super into it in the beginning but we spent an entire night decorating and had the best time.  We made them 'for Tatum" but I think even when he's old enough we'll still be making our own too.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Scenes

We had a very busy weekend but a very fun one - it seemed like all the events fell into one weekend and other than having to miss one Christmas party - we got them all in. 

On Friday Derek and I had our first big date night out - we went into the city for dinner at Ocean Prime and then off to see The Nutcracker - our annual December tradition.  The bubbles and berries martini - very delicious! 

After dinner we walked over to the show just in time for it to start - at intermission we grabbed a drink and picked out a new nutcracker to add to our collection.  I love spending my nights in with Tatum but it was fun to get back into the going out scene! 

Meanwhile back at home Tatum was having a great old time being spoiled by his Lovie and Poppy... 

The next morning we woke up to no snow which we were expecting - mid morning it started coming down and we got to experience Tatum's first snow with him!

We headed out to our second event of the weekend - a tailgate for the Army/Navy game - the snow was actually a fun and festive twist but luckily we also had a heated tent to enjoy when it got too cold.

The snow continued into the evening so we got to enjoy it once we were warm and back at home. Appetizer night is one of my favorite meals.

Yesterday we went on a Santa train ride with some friends - riding along with Santa, singing songs then stopping to meet him and getting back on before coming home.

We spent the rest of the day getting caught up before the week, trying to finish up Christmas shopping online, making another batch of Christmas cheer and enjoying some crockpot tacos for dinner amongst football and Christmas movies.

Have a good week! xx 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday's Four

Happy Weekend! It's hard to believe that after this weekend there are just two weekends to go before Christmas - like always, this season is flying by.  We're looking forward to another festive weekend ahead plus some much needed downtime... 

1. Easy Hostess Gift
'Tis the season for hostess gifts.  This is one of my favorite go to's and so easy - bottle of wine, ornament to put on it as decoration, some cocktail napkins and a color coordinated bag - so easy! The Target dollar spot also has some candles that match my go to pattern this year so I also scooped up a few of those to have on hand.

2. My Christmas List
I could barely find time to get my list together this year but once I could find a little time, it was fun to browse and make a small list.  My Christmas wants vary from category to category - some new makeup, workout clothes and sneakers, a purse and clutch, cozy things like slippers, a new curling wand set and hair products and also some travel accessories.

3. Tatum's Christmas List
At the top of Tatum's list are his first toys! He'll soon be at an age where he can play with a few little things.  I read that finger/hand puppets are great to play with for baby's as they get more and more alert.  We love reading books and his most favorite thing to do is kicking on his gym mat so a tee pee is his number one want.  Anything animal related always catches my eye as well.  We'll also soon be into the teething stage.

4. Easy Kids Christmas Season Gift
The Target dollar spot strikes again - if you have a need to give a niece, nephew, friend, etc. a little gift for the holiday season, it can be such fun to pick things to put together.  Inside the stocking is a gift card to pick a toy (sometimes that's easier than guessing!)

Have a good weekend! xx 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meeting Santa & Other Christmas Activities

It's only Thursday?! We've had a busy week around here and doing this season with a baby might definitely make shopping, getting ready for the holiday, etc. a bit tougher but it makes it so much more fun.  We've been having a blast with Tatum doing all sorts of things.

First up, meeting Santa - I think when the season is over he'll have "met" Santa about five times at different events but I wanted to start the tradition of going to see the mall Santa right from the start - I can't wait to display the different photos each year.  We saw Santa, which to be honest this year was pretty boring, grabbed a fun lunch and then did a little bit of shopping - Tatum slept through most of that except when he wanted a bottle! 

To start off last weekend we went out to dinner with friends but then stopped by the local park on the way home as that was the night of the tree lighting and all the light display throughout the park was all lit up! 

Saturday brought another day of festivities - the Santa parade which wasn't that great, meeting Santa... again.  Sleeping through it... again.  Then out to lunch with friends.

To finish up last weekend we went out to a little family dinner then walked over to our town's tree lighting in the little square close to our house.  I think this will definitely be a new tradition for the three of us.

We've also been enjoying lots of quiet nights at home, eating late dinners, watching Christmas movies and enjoying some downtime during this busy season.

Have a good day! xx