Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May House Update

The countdown is on - not too much longer until we are in our new home! Our townhouse is filled with boxes, piles for good will, new packages - it's tough living in the clutter this last little bit but almost there.  The holiday weekend will mark our last weekend of packing, finally!

The final touches have been going on this month and will continue the next few days.  We had a walkthrough yesterday and finally it's looking less construction site and more house like. 

Most recently our deck was put in - we spend so much time out on our current deck, we can't wait to get use out of this one.  The table and chairs to match our couch set was recently on sale so we picked it up to add on. 

More on the outside - we finally have some grass out front, seed in the back and our walkway/driveway are finished up. 

Our appliances have been installed - just waiting for the most important one, the wine fridge - I'll look forward to using that again come this fall! 

Carpet has been installed in the bedrooms and such.  Yes, Stella can be spotted in many of the photos - we bring her a lot in hopes that she'll adjust quicker to realizing it's her new home - The boxes scattered all around our house noticeably confuse her.

Our fireplace has been installed and final touches like adding pillars are finished up.  After foregoing a fireplace in our townhouse we might be most looking forward to this aspect.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Scenes

Happy Monday! Low key weekends have been the theme around here this month but luckily the packing is almost done and the month is almost over so we should be out of this phase soon.  We had our first grill night of the season last night (chicken, broccoli salad, potato wedges) and enjoyed some time on the deck.

Packing, boxes everywhere - the chaos continues.

Lazy time in between packing sessions.

Another first for the season, we got out for a little round of tennis.

With low-key weekends - usually revolved around packing, errands or resting from those two activities - a fun date night out was a great way to spend Saturday night.

top: @flauntboutique on IG

Some surprise blooms (along with donuts #cravings) - I love this season.

Have a good week! xx 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

House Inspiration: Conservatory

As this month continues, we're in full "moving mode" - packing, setting up deliveries and appointments, deciding what will go where, etc.  Last inspiration I shared, we've already gone in a different direction for that room, ha! but I'm pretty sure this room will stay on track.

Our current house (and new!) is all/will be all neutrals - cream, tan, brown.  Our basement now has some touches of navy and I'm going to continue that more so into the new house in a few rooms - one is the conservatory.  This extra room was fun to plan for...

I knew I wanted navy couches and a free standing bar.  We'll add a few ottomans for other seating and a runner to pull out the navy.  We can use our current bar stools and plants as well as some navy vases we have for decor and build from there.

ottomans - pier one
bar - pottery bar
blue/white jugs - williams sonoma 

Have a good day! xx

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

I like to try to do a weekend scenes post once a month or so but we spent a rainy Saturday packing then running all sorts of house errands for hours - to say this mama to be crawled into bed exhausted is an understatement - I spent much of yesterday relaxing to make up for it.  So, a peek at Mother's Day... 

I joked with my mom yesterday that it was her last year of having all the attention before she has to share it with me next year and she opted for just a casual night of apps and cocktails on the deck - worked for me! She and Derek both treated me to a few outfits for our little boy - his collection keeps growing.

We celebrated Mom, gifted her some presents, enjoyed some appetizers and I took out my fre wine while everyone else sipped their cocktails. 

How I was feeling too - ready for a nap! 

I hope all you moms, want to be moms, hoping to soon be moms, etc. had the best day yesterday - I was so touched to have so many friends reach out yesterday even though I'm not quite a Mom yet - even more excited for this next year!

My Lilly Pulitzer top linked here.  Have a good week! xx 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday's Picks

Happy Friday! If you're a mom, soon to be mom or celebrating this weekend then Happy Mother's Day! If your wanting to be a mom soon then you're definitely in my thoughts :)

I can't wait to celebrate next year (I did ask Derek if we could maybe throw this clutch in as a pre-Mother's Day gift).  I'm always excited for any change to celebrate my Mom so Sunday will be fun - it's her last year of having the spotlight of the day just for herself - kidding, because of of her I know everything I need to in order to be a great mom.

I've been so busy working on gathering home decor items, baby clothes, nursery decor that I haven't really browsed things for myself in a while.  With summer right around the corner, I could use a couple new accessories.  If you have a smaller foot like me (7.5 and below) then these sandals are 30% off. It's a great time to stock up - I just picked them up in black.

Have a good weekend! xx 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16

The second trimester started off great - Going to bed early but had most of my energy back, the weather was warming up and I was doing better with tolerating foods.  The highlight for sure was making it past the first trimester.

Baby's Size:
I saw an app that compares the size to desserts so that could be fun - Madelyn (13 weeks), Carmel Apple (14 weeks), Cupcake (15 weeks), Beignet (16 weeks)


Maternity Clothes:
Not yet! I've seen some shorts on great sale so I've picked up some navy/white/jean shorts to be ready. I've been focusing on flowy regular size dresses for now.  As far as currently dressing, just getting use out of everything in my closet while I can - thinking many of my dresses will still fit for a while though.

Miss Anything: 
With the warmer weather and nights on the deck - definitely wine! 

Still hating the idea of steaks, steakhouses (usually my favorite!) and anything that goes along with it. I'm also still iffy on seafood too.  No cravings... yet! However, I did love enjoying my Easter candy and occasional ice cream.

Life is so much better with some more energy back! Headaches a few days a week early on and only nauseous if I'm hungry - my purse is usually filled with snacks.  Sleep is great - most nights sleeping all the way through,  but recently waking up on the early side which I'm not complaining about - even on the weekends.

Back to normal with more energy.  Most days it is a long Stella walk with how nice the weather has been, some days it's off to the gym but I try to do something each day with a day to rest.

The best! If I ask for something - him to clean up from dinner, run an errand, etc. he does it without a thought.  He's also so excited for a baby boy and everyone knows it - love!

Week 13:
Seeing our little guy at the genetic testing ultrasound. 
  • Dates: April 11th
  • Best Moments: The genetic testing ultra sound - our first views were back seven weeks ago so a lot has changed! Hearing the heartbeat again a few days later at my doctor's appointment too. Celebrating Easter and getting excited about making a little Easter basket next year.  Having fun ordering things for the gender reveal party 
  • Excited For: A massage! I c-a-n-n-o-t wait.  I was a regular with massages and taking 3+ months off, I literally cannot wait to visit the spa this week.  Also excited to head up to Penn State for the spring game this weekend, our boy will be born right in the midst of football season so I'm excited to pick up some little outfits.
Week 14:
My first massage in months - such a long wait and one of the things I missed the most.
  • Dates: April 18th
  • Best Moments: Finally a massage - Derek and I had a spa day and I'm looking forward to many more prenatal massages! We picked out some little baby outfits when in State College this weekend so he'll be ready to go on game days this season.  This stage is definitely the best so far to enjoy.
  • Excited For: Gender Reveal Party! We've told my family and a couple local friends which has been such fun to share but next weekend we're having the official party with family and out of town friends - this day might be one of the events I'm most excited for! 
Week 15:
Blue confetti!!!
  • Dates: April 25th
  • Best Moments: Enjoying our gender reveal party! Most of our family and friends were able to make it over Sunday to hear pink or blue.  We've finally settled on our details for our annual trip to California and trip planning is always one of my favorites!
  • Excited For: Baby browsing - I want to do some registry research before life is all about packing, unpacking and moving.  Really looking for a quiet weekend at home - the reveal weekend was fun but exhausting! 
Week 16:
Derek enjoying our "first baby" beer - the last of the wine basket my bridesmaids made for my bridal shower.
  • Dates: May 1st 
  • Best Moments: Definitely noticing a little bump starting to show, not super noticeable, yet! Exciting to see and watch it start to change.  Started to tackle our registry this week - we'll be tied up with moving next week so I want to do it without being rushed to search the best products, reviews, etc.  We booked our California trip which could quite possibly be our last flight pre-baby - still deciding on that one!
  • Excited For: We're going out with my Mom next week for a little registry shopping and such.  It's also time to pack up any baby stuff we already have to be ready for the move!

Monday, May 8, 2017

This & That

Happy Monday! We had the most relaxing weekend - I knew Saturday was a good day when I changed from my pajamas to gym clothes back to pajamas.  This was our first "no plan" weekend in a while and while Derek placed second in a golf tournament I got a jump start on the packing - slow and steady is my plan.

Tis' the season for flowers - Wegman's always has the best arrangements and bouquets.  These four have been going strong for over a week and counting now.

Making my favorite pretzels to share the news of our little boy.

We had a few eat outside like days and took full advantage - hoping that weather comes back soon! 

On the note of Mexican food, celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

Not too many house visits left before it's home.

Have a good week! xx 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Picks

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sadly I won't be indulging in a margarita tonight, but I will be celebrating. This week dragged and dragged - I'm definitely ready for a weekend of rest.  While it won't be sunny around here, I still have summer looks & shopping on my mind...

sunglasses (only $12!)

Have a good weekend! xx 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April House Update

We're in the home stretch now!  It was another fun month for house visits with lots of progress made. My favorite was the kitchen - first to go in were the cabinets and shortly after the granite.

Not too much later the backsplash went in and things were looking real!

Most of our flooring went in this month - the first floor hardwood, conservatory tiling and some carpet.

I can't find the most recent picture  but the bathrooms were finished up this month complete with finished tile, mirrors, granite and such.

Most recently our steps were stained and completed - one of my favorite parts of the house!

Stella already making the house her own - this little closet is across from my office so we're going to take the door off and make it a doggy room for her.

The countdown is on... one more update to go! xx 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gender Reveal Party

We had our gender reveal party over the weekend - it was a nice day (the weather actually was quite hot!) so it's always nice to have an indoor/outdoor party.  We kept it relatively small with family and a few close friends.  All the details are linked at the bottom of the post... 

Our original plans were to have it this weekend since it's Cinco de Mayo but with scheduling we moved it up a week but still kept the Mexican theme for the food.

I definitely wasn't planning on cooking for that many people so we had a make your own taco bar catered by Qdoba.  The appetizers we did make and it was kept easy - Mexican bean dip, salsa/guacamole/pico de gallo with chips and peppers/dip.

For the dessert bar we had a local bakery make us cake bite truffles - chocolate chip as well as red velvet, cupcakes and onsie shaped cookies.  We finished it off with a few chocolate pretzels and also had a cake since it was my stepdad's birthday the next day.

After some mingling and appetizers everyone went out either onto the deck or into the backyard for the big reveal.  A few people at the party knew ahead of time but most were surprised with the blue confetti!  We got the poppers from Etsy and they were fantastic - but work to clean up, ha!

We love hosting when we can and it's always great to have many of our family and friends in the same place.  This party was extra special because it was the last big one in our current home.  I think I'm still recovering, ha! It was a late night for this pregnant girl and lots of being on my feet.

We finished up singing Happy Birthday and enjoying more dessert.  There were a few friends staying with us for the weekend so we kept the party going for much of the night with guests slowly leaving as they pleased.  It was a great celebration!

Party Sources:

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