Thursday, July 20, 2017

California: Lost Photos

I have a few final photos from our California trip that I forgot to share in earlier posts...

The views at Terranea were the best thing about the resort to us.  Everywhere you looked on the back of the resort there was a gorgeous coastal view.  The not super high temperatures were great too.

The fountain area at Terranea was always busy so on a quiet Monday morning, we took advantage! This dress is one of my favorite maternity items so far and I love that it can be used again next summer too.

A day spent in Malibu is always a day well spent - I can see why people that live out there love it, with not too much to do it's the perfect little (usually) quiet town.

The hotel always has great backdrops and mirrors for photo spots...

Always missing these pool views when we are not there...

I love rooftops anytime but I do feel like on vacation they are a must - a setting can make a delicious meal even better! 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This & That

This past weekend was a perfect weather weekend at the lake - while we only went for an overnight, it was plenty of time to enjoy the sun - it was the first weekend that I was wanting a jacket on the dock at night.

Weekend before last was our first weekend at home and with no plans in quite a while - we napped, caught up on housework and spent time at the pool.  Sunday night was the perfect "summer night" - an impromptu happy hour on the porch and then Mexican night on the deck.  I might be starting to get the itch for fall a little bit but these simple summer nights are my favorite.

It might have taken us until almost mid-July but we finally got our summer flowers - a few for the front porch, a few for the deck - not much but enough to last us the rest of the season.

We've been loving our summer walks - it's the easiest way for me to get a workout in while being pregnant and it's worked well so far.  Stella and I usually set out in the morning to get the day started then Derek will join us for a night stroll.  

Thinking about the holiday season with a little one to do all the "kid things" even though he'll just be tiny has me so excited.  I've been loving Christmas week on the Hallmark Channel and we even had a little Christmas in July event last week in the neighborhood.

While I wasn't quite sure about the Nordstrom sale at first I think this year I found more than usual that I like - not a ton but I think it was because I didn't go in to just "buy all the things" and had just a small list of a few categories to look for since trying on with a bump is hard.

My girlfriend keeps adjusting more and more to her new surroundings... 

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24

This post is a little delayed seeing as I'm 27 weeks but better late than never!  I'm loving having extra energy and taking full advantage of it - we're enjoying summer and flip flopping between the house and baby to do list crossing a lot of big things off each... 

top (l-r) 21 weeks, 22 weeks
bottom (l-r) 23 weeks, 24 weeks

Baby's Size:
Two Jelly Donuts (21 weeks/June 6th)
Jumbo Eclair (22 weeks/June 13th)
Bear Claw (23 weeks/June 20th)
Pan of Cinnamon Rolls (24 weeks/June 27)

Boy! At our 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago, I said to Derek I really hope the bloodwork was right - we have so many blue outfits! Sure enough, we're safe :)

Best Moments/What We've Been Up To:
21 weeks: Settling into the new house - probably our busiest week yet! I snuck away for a massage after being so sore from moving and it was the best hour of the week.  Lounging at the pool to keep cool will definitely be a favorite this summer.

22 weeks: Lots to share this week! Right about 22 weeks I definitely started feeling the baby kick! I'd thought "maybe, is this it, etc." for a few weeks but it's that noticeable butterfly feeling now.  We got out for a belated 1/2 way celebration and I had another doctor's appointment - quick, easy and all looking good. Now that the move in stuff is dying down I'm finding myself with much more energy - when I get enough sleep - three nights this week I was up from 3am until about 7am then grabbed another hour or so of sleep.

23 weeks: All in all a good week - good sleep, good exercise, a few nights out, getting caught up on things, etc.

24 weeks: We were on vacation so it was nice to sleep in, relax and just enjoy being away.  A "mommy to be" massage was a great way to unwind!

Maternity Clothes:
Sort of! Summer dresses make it so easy - I've finally picked up a few like this that are a favorite. Mixing and matching on swimsuit pieces - trying to just size up for now.


Cocktails - it's hard in these summer months - the pool, the deck, the dock.  I love my La Croix mocktails though.  I still love happy hour - just looks a little different these days!

Doing pretty okay with food - still loving the usual cheeseburgers, donuts and refreshing ice cream. Also just loving simple summer grilled meals - chicken, broccoli salad, fruit, etc.  The thought of even walking into a steakhouse makes my stomach upset which is crazy because that's normally our favorite date night! 

Feeling... Symptoms/Sleep:
Sleep is good for the most part - occasionally I'll have nights where I wake up halfway through and just can't fall back to sleep.  I'm definitely feeling some extra energy (when I have enough sleep!) which is awesome.  My feet noticeably hurt after being on the go too much in a day.

At 21 weeks I was still dealing with the tired/sore symptoms from the move.  22 weeks brought a little cold which wasn't bad at all but mixed with being pregnant I felt like I was terrible!  For 23 weeks I can't complain, feeling good.  24 weeks I was a little sore from traveling, walking and such but enjoying a mocktail by the pool helped that :)

Mainly just walks (unless it's too hot!) but I try to do some each day - sometimes all at once or sometimes half in the morning, half at night.  Staying active definitely makes me feel better, helps with weight gain and gives me some extra energy.

Dad to Be:
Derek's so excited and keeps me company on most of the walks.  He's also kind enough to give me foot rubs and back rubs... usually after I ask a few times :) (he's more likely to after a few beers!) It was fun to have a little pre Father's Day celebration ahead of his first one next year.

Excited For:
A weekend at home!  We've been on the go so much it'll be nice to relax and get some things done  (21 weeks).

Going through the baby boxes - we've had anything we've bought or been gifted so far in boxes labeled "nursery" and I'm finally getting around to unpacking and organizing them - the last boxes left (22 weeks)!

Vacation... It'll be a little different being pregnant (my first trip I was only 10 or so weeks) but I can't wait to get away (23 weeks).

Getting back into the baby to do list - now that vacation is over and the move is done it's time to tackle some of our items we need to get done (24 weeks).

Friday, July 14, 2017

Nordstrom Sale Favorites

Happy Friday!  After a low key weekend last weekend, we're looking forward to some fun ahead the next few days.

The all consuming Nordstrom Sale - I put a few orders in yesterday for myself, Derek and the baby and am popping into the store this morning to try a few things on then I'm done with it - done shopping it, done reading about it, done talking about it.  

Shopping was a little different this year as during this fall I'll be 9 months pregnant and then getting back into shape - I was eyeing a few cardigans (easy!), some shoes and a coat or two.  Anything that I didn't really have to try on.  I knew my priorities were changing when I went right for the baby stuff once I logged on.

I'm definitely done with summer shopping - I always have more sandals/wedges than any other shoe and I have enough dresses to last me the rest of the pregnancy.  It's fully a fall state of mind around here and a few of my favorite picks below - only items that have been in my cart themselves...

tory burch pumps - originally $258, is now $164
ugg rib-knit cuff boot - originally $169.95, is now $109.90
halogen slide loafer - originally $89.95, is now $59.90
nike training shoe - originally $120, is now $89.90
adidas sneaker - originally $109.95, is now $81.90

cardigans and coats:
top shop colorblock cardigan - originally $85, is now $56.90
caslon open front cardigan - originally $89, is now $49.50
bobeau high/low cardigan - originally $49, is now $31.90
madewell catskills jacket - originally $118, is now $78.90
tahari belted double face coat - originally $228, is now $148.90

vince camuto foldover clutch - originally $148, is now $98.90
bp faux leather clutch - originally $35, is now $22.90
vince camuto crossbody - originally $248, is now $164

And since I can't resist shopping for anything baby, especially during a sale... a few of my baby picks and things that I picked up for our little one.

baby gear:
honest baby gift set - originally $49.95, is now $32
aden + anais swaddles - originally $45, is now $29.90
comotomo bottle set - originally $23, is now $15.90
babymoov pop up playpen - originally $69.99, is now $45.90
adidas track set - originally $45, is now $29
patagonia fleece - originally $59, is now $43
nordstrom baby hoodie & pants set - originally $39, is now $25.90

Happy Shopping! xx 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beverly Hills

We took advantage of our breakfast credit and grabbed something to eat early on the patio at the Polo Lounge.

For the morning we spent some time over strolling Rodeo Drive and the neighboring streets - walking and shopping then a little beverage at The BLVD to refresh.  We each grabbed a little treat plus a diaper bag to use.

One of our favorite restaurants is just eating by the pool at the hotel at The Cabana Cafe.  There's so many things we love so we just split a few.

We cleaned ourselves up for one of our only non-hotel dinners the whole trip, ha! We'd definitely low-keyed it this time but didn't want to miss one of our usual's - Craig's.  Everything was delicious as usual and for the first time we split the dessert pizza - a must from now on.  About half way through we saw flashes and it was Kris Jenner coming in to eat just two tables away from us.

We passed by SUR which is right around the corner on the way home and saw Kristin outside and lots of cameras for filming - had I not have been pregnant I'd probably have asked to stop but that was little much for this preggo.  

Our last full day was full of not many plans.  We started the day off with a walk around the neighborhoods near the hotel - burning calories and house admiring.  

After a quick run out for a little spa time we spent the rest of the day enjoying the gorgeous weather.

After a little lunch it was another full pool day... 

We spent our final dinner on the rooftop at Catch - we'd only been there in the winter so it was fun to be able to sit outside and it's much more buzzing when it's warmer out.

We didn't have to be at the airport until later in the room so after a leisurely morning we did a little driving around looking at houses and stopped by the Greystone Mansion to finish off the day.  For a final LA moment we passed Khloe Kardashian on our way out of the hotel...