Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nursery Inspiration

The nursery is officially done - we finished things up two nights ago - the wall hangings are hung, the bookshelves are decorated, the closet is organized.  It was a lot of fun to set up but it's also a relief to know that it's done, clean and ready.  There are tons of monogram and personalized touches (and no his name isn't Bennett or Tyler from the items below!) and we kept it mostly navy/white.  The way things turned out it ended up that red, aqua and gray were a few accent colors just on accident from things we picked.

My mom very kindly offered to get us the nursery furniture and we kept things simple with all white furniture - crib, changing table, bookshelves.  We picked a nice navy pottery barn kids bedding set to go with it.  I love the glider below because it isn't too "baby" like and could be used in a bigger boy room - we do have a rocking chair downstairs in our playroom to rock in too.

The room and walls are filled but not overdone - I didn't want "stuff" everywhere.  I love the baskets from Target below - we have small ones on the bookshelves for blankets, burp cloths, socks and such and a couple of the bigger ones throughout the room - now holding diapers but can be used for toys in the future.

Some of my style is a little old fashioned and I found a bunch of wooden toys on Etsy that I loved in addition to the two rattles for one of the shelves in addition to blankets, a pacifier jar and such.  The prints all fit the color scheme and the large "Jesus Loves Me" one is definitely a favorite.  There is of course a dog stuffed animal that looks like our sweet Stella that one of my best friends got us and one that looks like our family dog, Nash, that my mom got us.  Plenty of books, toys, stuffed animals and such too. 

Looking forward to sharing after he's here!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Baby Registry

The big baby registry post... my baby shower was a month ago and we got so many wonderful things. We had a separate list of a few things to get on our own and then spent the past month working on anything that was left and was needed sooner than later - items for when he's a few months old we can work on in the future.

I was so excited to make the registry but it is for sure overwhelming - there are so many items, so many brands, etc!!  I picked a few places to register because each had different things to offer but more on that below.  I went by the registry guide of needed items, did research, looked at a few friends registries and asked moms what the must have items were.  Our house is mostly neutral (with touches of navy - perfect for a boy!) so I tried to mostly stick with neutral items that would blend in and could also be used for any gender in the future.

In addition to needing things for the house I'll have a nursery at my office and we are on the go a lot so we needed a few pieces for travel so I tried to find a variety of things to test out.

All I've heard is how the halo bassinest is wonderful - we just put it together recently and it looks as great as it sounds.  I picked up a few different types of the sleep sacks to see which baby prefers and I'm not sure who will love the sound machine more Derek/I to keep noise out of the babies room or the baby enjoying the sounds.

Though my love for navy - my diaper bag is black/tan so for the pack n play I stuck with that theme plus it will go with the neutrals in our house.  I heard the zip up onesies are a must for sleeping and of course a few bedtime prayer books. 

aden + anais stroller blanket (other blanket favorites...

I've heard to try out a few different bottle types to see which baby likes most so we went with comotomo and tommee tippee along with the medela ones that come with the breast pump.  I opted for the boon drying rack in white because - neutral.  A recommendation was to use the muslin blankets as burp cloths since they are longer so I picked up a pack of those for burping in addition to normal burp cloths and some simple white bibs.

cotton muslin bibs set (also love the cute for outfit sets too)

Travel/On the Go:
Out of all the stroller brands the one that we both agreed on most was Nuna (we also picked up the maxi cosi during the Nordstrom sale). I like that the Nuna carseat can go right into the stroller - especially in the beginning - we do still need to learn how to use both - this weekend! We saw a friend use the baby bjorn carrier and knew we needed it - Derek is dying to be the one to wear it.  

As we head into cold season I knew a car seat cover was key.  All the little needs like pacifier clips and wipes, stroller toys, a stroller holder, bottle carrier, etc.

Two things I love the idea of - the anywhere disposable pads for changing and what not and the tote savy.  I didn't get a diaper bag just a tote and will most likely switch between a few so I love that you can keep everything organized and move it from bag to bag along with a couple other little needs.

nuna car seat (& stroller adapter)
tote savvy insert (a few of these logan and lenora items: wet dry/changing pad/pouch)

Diapering & Bathing:
We have a few tubs to start with - a little foam insert for the sink as well as the 4moms tub and the angel care baby bath support which looks like it'll be easy to use especially in the beginning - along with a handful of towels and washcloths - you can't help but splurge on a cute little bathrobe. 

We picked a few different varieties of bath products to try but Johnson & Johnson and Honest Company topped the list.

As far as diapering - pampers swaddlers are our pick for now and the ubbi diaper pail seems to be quite popular.  

We have a second changing table downstairs so having a diaper caddy makes things easy to keep a few extra supplies down there.

This category could go on and on - all the little toys are so cute - and I have christmas list started for sure. We tried to only register for things that we needed sooner than later and are set for when he is finally big enough for some play time.  

I love all the books and stuffed animals - I can never pass up a chance to flip through the baby books and add to the collection.  Sohpie the Giraffe is my favorite and I love all the accessories that come along with her.  Another recommendation was the dreams soother and the classics like a play mat, activity center and jumper.

Not everything listed above was registered for - some things we had on a list for ourselves and some we borrowed including a few of the items below.

Everything Pottery Barn Kids is adorable and two of my favorites are the dog playmat (looks like Stella) and the rocker - they were such great treats as gifts!

Everything 4mom's is popular and we plan to borrow the mamaroo from a friend to try out.  Things like the highchair and baby monitor set we researched endlessly and picked up ourselves - again 4moms seems to work great and for the baby monitor it was recommended we go wireless and with an extra monitor.

4moms high chair (also have my eye on the ever popular ikea one)

Favorite Clothing/Accessory Brands:
I'm addicted to shopping for little baby clothes - I like doing it now while it's fun as opposed to a hurried errand.  I have certain styles I like, certain colors and such and have slowly worked up a nice little wardrobe for our guy - his first few months will be during the holidays and I'd rather enjoy the holidays then need to be out stocking up on things.  

So far my favorite brands are polo, kissy kiss, little me, the carter's just one you line and a few of the gerber pieces from target.  I like soft and easy and simple little outfits.  

I can't stop myself from browsing Etsy - the monogram items are too cute - clothes/accessories and I love some of the more old fashion looking pieces.

Where to Register & Registry Perks: 
I registered at Babies R Us, Target and Pottery Barn Kids - each had pluses and minuses but I liked them all.  I've heard amazing things about Buy Buy Baby - we just don't have one super close, although after browsing their website I've seen some things I like to order myself or save for Christmas so I might make a little one there just to keep things organized.

Babies R Us gives a 10% off completion discount to be used once in store or online - we made a list of necessities we needed after the baby shower and went for those items with the discount and will just order whatever else we still need as time goes.  The company did just announce bankruptcy, however, so we'll see what their future holds!

Target gives a nice welcome bag (we may have gotten a few of them) and offers 15% off completion coupon - once to use in store, once to use online.  My only dislike is that my online code didn't work and I'm still waiting for my new one.

Pottery Barn Kids offers a 10% discount also but you're better off just using one of their sales for items you still need.

I'll be sure to share our favorites once the baby is here and such... xx 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Feeling Fall

We're just a few days away from the start of fall - it sure was feeling like it around here late summer with cooler temperatures but this week we're back up into the upper 70's/low 80's - hoping it cools off a little soon.

I finally gave in and decorated for fall last weekend - I did a combination of things we had from the old house then things to better suit this house (ex. our kitchen table wouldn't fit the old fall placemats so I had to rethink a little bit) - it's always fun pulling out the decorations this time of the year and even more so for the first time around here!

table runner - pottery barn
placemats - pier 1
chargers - pier 1
napkins - pottery barn
accent plates - crate & barrel
pumpin centerpieces - pier 1

centerpiece - pier 1 
signs & small pumpkins - michaels 
topiaries - pier 1 

centerpiece/credenza flowers - home goods

candles - bath & body
dishtowels - home goods

signs, pumpkins, wheelbarrow - michaels

bigger pumpkins - home goods
smaller pumpkins - michaels 
lanterns - pier 1
candlestick holders - pier 1
mirror - pier 1

Monday, September 18, 2017

Penn State vs Georgia State

Happy Monday! We spent another weekend up in State College - Penn State opened the season with home games 4/5 weekends in September - we've been to two of those so far and are considering a final one later this month depending on the baby - with one home game in October, we won't be back until November.  

Derek, Stella & I headed up Friday afternoon and got there in time to head downtown with my parents for an early dinner outside at The Tavern plus a little shopping - the weather was summer like so we ate outside and strolled the streets.  The next morning we had friends arriving for the game so this pregnant gal headed to bed early.

Saturday night we were playing Georgia State with at 7:30 start so we had a leisurely morning (the best!) an when our friends got down there headed down for a tailgate in the nice (hot!) weather.  My aunt and cousin also came so we had a great group.

On the menu this week were potato soup and pulled pork/meatball sliders - so not coordinating with the weather but in November our tailgates will be more at the house before the game and we're still deciding if we'll head back once more so I was determined to get in a nice fall tailgate even if it was upper 70's.

We also had a tailgate snack variety, chips/guac, potato chips/dip, cheese platter and caprese salad and a variety of desserts - I made a few, my girlfriend brought the prettiest game day pretzels and we had a cake for my cousins birthday.

Games under the lights are always a blast - this one was a complete blowout - we won 56-0!  We took off at the end of the 3rd quarter to head back to the house, check on the pups and watch the other football games.

Since the season started we've been flip flopping with our Rose Bowl buddies - USC between number 4/5 in the country - this week we're back to number 4 and hopefully there to stay!

Have a good week! xx 

Friday, September 15, 2017

One Month Left (Third Trimester Confessions)

Early next week I'll hit 36 weeks and we're a couple days away from being a month from my due date - time has flied by and other than some typical pregnancy symptoms - soreness, lack of energy, etc as well as a little unnecessary stress... and not being able to enjoy a cocktail, I've really loved it.  

Some days I would forget I was even pregnant (well - not now, but earlier) aside from it being a little harder getting out of a chair, harder to get comfortable sitting/laying down and some aches and pains recently, I can't complain and am so thankful for that.

Eating less than I thought... I thought being pregnant I'd be like "eat all the things" - which I do but I fill up so quickly now - if I have a big lunch, dinner is usually out (then again if I have a small lunch I'm usually starving for dinner).

So many baby clothes... I can't help myself! I've wanted a little one forever and the baby shopping is just so cute! We have a closet full but once I washed it all I was like oh, not quite as much as I thought and recently have been adding to the collection - we have an array of sizes and are for sure good to go for a while.  I can never pass up a good sale and usually do most of my shopping then.

Ready for normal clothes... This week has been warmer so it was back to my usual dresses and while I have a few fun fall maternity pieces, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was so looking forward to a post baby shop session - to pass up on the "start of fall shopping" has been tough.

Miss clothes browsing/sharing... On that note, it's been a minute since I've done a normal Friday picks post and I miss browsing the web for my favorite looks and accessories (now it's all home decor and baby items) but I'm making it a point to search this weekend and share next week and I can't wait.

Size up shoe... My feet had a couple days of swelling last week (it's hit or miss by the day but rare now) - I ordered a few old navy flats in a half size up then they came and were too big, ha! I put an insert in so they'll work swollen or not.  I wear flip flops or something supportive most days - if not my feet are killing me by the end of the day - I'll look forward to my cute shoes soon... 

Our high bed isn't cool anymore... We have a nice high bed which is fun and all but it's starting to become work getting in/out of it - we got a little step stool last week to put next to my side and it was the best $10 spent!

All the cookies... I've been loving chocolate chip cookies - preferably two different store brands (so has Derek!) one morning I had one before 9am - oops.  Another day I may have had more than the serving size - hey, some for me, some for baby.

I hate Derek's car... I'm an SUV girl in general and have already convinced Derek that he needs an SUV for his next car too but his car is low to the ground - not the easiest to get in/out of and has leather seats making it so hot on hot days - I complain most days we take his out over mine!

My plan was/is to have everything done about a month early... We've stuck pretty close to this one - the nursery/playrooms will be finished up this weekend, size newborn/0-3 and 3-6 clothes are washed and hung in the closet (bigger sizes are boxed and put away until ready), we've got tons of supplies and after a few little things next week I'll feel ready to go.  

I wouldn't mind being a week or so early... I definitely don't want to fall into the "late" category as most women don't but I'd love a week or two early and to have an early October baby as opposed to closer to Halloween and the start of November - Derek's birthday.

I misjudged the bump... I had a few maternity clothes that I was waiting and waiting to wear until my bump got bigger - I thought it came out for show much earlier and am still surprised it's not bigger than it is - totally not complaining though.

I cried over a vacation... My emotions have been pretty in check the past 9 months - a few random cries here and there over stupid things that we laugh about but recently I cried because we aren't going on our annual Dallas trip this fall - I'm so excited for baby and can't wait to take him next year but something just came over me about missing out.

I'm more go with the flow then I thought... I haven't worried much, haven't put too much thought into anything, barely read any of the baby books I got and the only real prep we have is a hospital tour next week.  Derek and I both sort of have just gone with the flow the whole pregnancy and had a relaxed mindset - hoping to carry that over into being parents :)

All the diapers... I figure why not buy now while it's "fun" as opposed to a chore.  We had a friend give us a ton of leftovers to get us started and from there I've slowly gathered some in other sizes without going overboard but giving us one less errand to worry about once he's here.  And the wipes too - all the cute little packets.

Thanks for stopping by - Have a good weekend! xx 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Fall is the best time of the year with so much to look forward to and so much to do - this is always our busiest time and adding the new baby in will make it even crazier but I'm still looking forward to doing the usual things and I especially can't wait for the holidays.

Decorate the New House
It's always exciting decorating a new space and with more space to decorate I've been looking forward to getting our fall decorations up at the new house.  Some are old, some - like a new tablescape - I picked up during the Labor Day sales.  I'm hoping to cross this off tonight actually.

We have a local farm that does a huge Pumpkinland display and it's always so much fun to visit - I've gone since I was a baby and we go every year - I'm hoping to make a trip there before the baby and then take a baby for the classic "baby in the pumpkins" picture.

Football & Tailgates
Watching College Game Day each and every Saturday morning is a huge thing in this house - we turn it on upstairs, downstairs - all over.  This way we can go about our day but still listen/watch.

We've already got two wins and one tailgate in for the year and I'm looking forward to one or two more trips to Happy Valley pre-baby and his first trip away from home will be up there in November. We usually try to have a tailgate party here at home once a season and this year will be no different. 

Halloween Eve
We've either had a fun dinner ourselves or invited family over the night before Halloween the past few years and this is definitely a tradition I want to start up with the baby.

Baby's First Halloween
He'll be tiny and just a week or so old so we just have a simple costume (maybe one or two Halloween onesies too) and one for his big sister Stella to match - Derek and I may get in on the fun.  I love everything about the day - making candy bags to hand out, celebrating with neighbors, making pumpkin cookies, etc.

Pumpkin Carving
This one is all Derek - he's the mastermind behind the carving and loves to do it each year - we'll probably tie this in with Halloween Eve.

Fall Sangria
Given that cocktails are in my near future I'm looking forward to trying out a fall sangria recipe.

Chili Night 
We love our crockpot meals (will make meals after baby easier too)!  Whether for Halloween or a football game I want to get a few kinds of chili going to enjoy with a group.

Local Fall Events 
This one will kind of depend on the baby's arrival but there are always so many things going on in October it's fun to take advantage of what you can.

Usually on this list is our annual trip to Dallas, which I'm SO sad about missing, but we have good reason :)  I keep telling Derek that I hope the Cowboys make the playoffs this year so we can go in January and not wait a whole other year.

Anything I should add to the list?? Especially kid-friendly fall traditions to start up?!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pregnancy: Weeks 33-34

As we get closer and closer to the end things get busier and there's more I want to remember so I decided to change these posts to every two weeks.  After my next appointment next week my doctor's appointments will move up to every week.

33 weeks (left), 34 weeks (right)

Baby's Size:
Cinnamon Bread (33 weeks) - 17 inches, 4.2 pounds according to the baby app
Bundt Cake (34 Weeks) - 18 inches, 4.7 pounds according to the baby app

It's a boy!

Best Moments/What We've Been Up To:

33 weeks: A busy week - this was a "do all the things" week.  I started to get the baby clothes washed and hung up/put away.  We finally took the time to somewhat get the playroom/nursery organized and things put away instead of just piles everywhere.  I got our newborn photographer set up (a big cross of the to do list).  We also took time to slow down this week and relax - we opted to stay home from Penn State for the first game in order to get a lot done and better enjoy the upcoming games and we made sure to get in time to relax, see friends, etc.  The long weekend was great to relax and catch up to not feel as overwhelmed.

34 weeks: This week was a whirlwind - Labor Day, our third anniversary and an extra long weekend at Penn State.  I had a doctor's appointment (my last of the every other - switching to weekly next time!) and all was well - heard the baby's heartbeat and got a shot.  It was great being back in State College - looking forward to getting up there as much as we can this fall.  I got pre-registerd at the hospital and it was nice to cross that off the list.

Lots! He is always on the move and especially as I'm drinking water - I can usually feel he perks up then.


I'm just waiting on one rug at PB Kids to go on sale and order and a few other decoration items to come in and it should be pretty much set up.  This has been so much fun!  The final touches are starting to arrive - some wall hangings and items for the bookshelf.

Maternity Clothes:

Starting to slowly get sick of them! We've had a few cooler days so I'm starting to transition out of my usual dresses but love a good leggings/t-shirt combo.  With the Labor Day sales I tried to order a few nicer tops for evenings out.. less than a handful but when that weather changes and you realize you have nothing to wear out it's like "oh, okay."

I've noticed flip flops are my most comfortable "summer" shoe for walking around as opposed to wedges/other flat sandals so on the last week of summer I was out picking up a new gold pair.


My usual clothes - I love seeing all the fall stuff out but am trying to wait until post baby to pick up some new things.  With tailgate season, certainly missing my cocktails.  Sleeping through the night - nights when I wake up just once for a bathroom break (which is pretty regular) are the best - two times a night is just annoying. Bending over to pick something up easily haha!


I've been wanting all the drinks lately - and really craving that post baby cocktail - I don't even like beer that much and Derek's ice cold beer bottles look so delicious! It's more if someone says something delicious it's like okay, I want that very soon.  I've definitely felt a little more hungry lately.

Feeling... Symptoms/Sleep:

33 weeks - Can all the symptoms hit at once?! Kidding, it's still not that bad but I've definitely been sore this week (resting over the holiday weekend helped a lot!) Sore feet, itchy feet (which I thought was because of being pregnant after googling but just went to realize I had some bug bites), pelvic pain - its more right when I stand up or move around in bed.  A pedicure was a treat for the sore feet!

A few tears because I bought some candles - on sale - just to notice right after I walked out I had another coupon for more of a discount - Derek helped me sort it out though.. and a few days later we laughed. Was feeling a little overwhelmed but much better after finally having time to sort, organize and see what w still need.

34 weeks - My feet! It's hit or miss on the day but some days they are just so sore - a few days they'll be swollen by day's end and back to normal when I wake up the next day - I ordered a couple cheap pairs of flats from old navy half a size up just in case.  Massages/Icing at night definitely help.

Noticing weight gain a little bit easier but it also looks some mornings as if my bump grew overnight so there's that! I had the worst leg cramp one night so bad it woke me up and left my leg sore for a couple days - a few stretches helped to clear that up.  Some days I have more energy then others - I love just sitting down and putting my feet up each night.


After getting lazy the week of the baby shower I've been good about morning/night walks - they just make me feel better and also help keep the weight gain down.  We took Stella over for a nice long walk on the trail on Labor Day.  Walks are definitely slower and probably shorter than usual but at least they are being done!

Dad to Be:

Derek's been great - I keep reminding him that his loud cheering for the Cowboys will have to soon switch to soft cheering as I'm sure his mini me will be doing lots of football watching with us.


33 weeks - all of the things with labor day sales!!! Still finishing up what we need right now from the registry and saving the rest for later, I got some baskets and a rug for the nursery so we have most of what we need up there.

34 weeks - A new dresser was delivered and the old one taken away, I did a few online orders of little things and the nursery rug was delivery so things are very close to being done.

Happy, Moody & Final Pregnancy Things: 
Happy! Some recent weeks were pretty stressful but things lately have been great.  My belly button is still in, my wedding rings are still on (they get a little tight on some of the hot summer days spent all outside) and so far so good... 

Excited For:

33 weeks - Our anniversary is next week! Usually we take a trip but obviously it's getting a little late to fly so we have a fun day planned out and dinner at night.  There's a lot to be done this weekend and a ton of errands but I'm looking forward to it all - I can't wait to check things off the to do list and go into September with much less to do.

34 weeks - Our first weekend of the season at Penn State - we're heading up Thursday to Sunday so there will be lots of time to relax but I'm sure also many late nights.  

Getting the baby book started.

These lambs that were part of the floral arrangements for the baby shower can be pulled off and become pull toys - to start they'll serve as decorations on the bookshelves until he's ready to play with them.

Dad Derek getting the stroller put together.

a little baby shopping... outfits just like Dad.