Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Sales

Today is always one of my favorites days - I love browsing all of the sales... from home!  I hate crowds and am not into the whole black Friday thing but can browse and shop for hours from home. Lots of the sales started early this year and continue through the weekend.  

As every winter, I have a love for plaid and there are so many good items out this year - all below are 40% off.  The rest of my favorite sales are listed below.  Check back for updates through Monday! Happy shopping!

Ann Taylor - 50% off with code thankful
Banana Republic - 50% off, discount applied
Baublebar - 30% off with code yay30
Bloomingdales - up to 50% off, $25 off every $200 spend (exclusions)
Gap - 50% off with cold blkfriday
J. Crew - 40% off with code thanku
J. Crew Factory - 50% off, prices marked
Kate Spade - 30% off with code givejoy
Kendra Scott - 20% off with code yellow20
Loft - 50% off with code thanks
Madewell - 25% off with code dontstress
Mark & Graham - 20% off with code friends
Nordstrom - up to 40% off
Old Navy - 50% off, discount applied
Shopbop - 20% off $200+, 25% off $500+, 30% off $800+
Tory Burch - 30% off $250 or more with code thanks
Tuckernuck - 20% off all, 25% off $500+, 30% off $1,000+

For the littles... 
 Baby Gap - 50% off with cold blkfriday
Carters - 60% off + free shipping
Janie & Jack - 30% off, discount applied
Pottery Barn Kids - 20% off + free shipping with code unwrap

For the home... 
Ballard Design - 20% off everything
Crate & Barrel - 15% off with code save15
Pier 1 - up to 50% off

Happy Shopping! xx 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This & That: Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! My girlfriend from out of town spent the night with us last night so we've already begun the holiday celebrating... along with Christmas decorating and Christmas movies.

We're hosting tomorrow (with lots of help!) and I'm so looking forward to Tatum's first thanksgiving... The table is set (sort of) and the serving dishes are out.

Yesterday my mom and I did our annual "Tuesday before Thanksgiving shopping trip" - Even though we do most of our shopping together, this is always our "marathon" day.  I've barely been to the mall lately so it was a little more list making and ideas gathering this year - plus we picked up some things for Tatum and his Christmas/Christmas Eve outfits.

Over the weekend Tatum made his first road trip to Penn State and we survived the car ride easily - he spoiled us.

We usually strictly decorate after Thanksgiving but this year we got a jump start with a few of the fake trees and such.  I think we'll always start early now!

We're starting to get into playtime each day and Tatum seems to love it - getting much more active by the day.

With the busy days, it's good that I have a good babysitter - she's very attentive... 

I foresee lots of baby (and dog) cuddles this weekend.  Looking forward to spending lots of time with this little guy and family this weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with extra to be Thankful for this year and then probably watching as many Christmas movies as we can count.  The sales have already begun and I can't wait to curl up by the fire and get some Christmas shopping started.

Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy! xx 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Penn State vs. Nebraska

We finally made it back to State College over the weekend for the final home game of the season and Tatum's first weekend there!  We got into town a little early and enjoyed a low key Friday.  With all the extra babysitters, on Saturday morning I snuck out to Target right as it opened along with a few other errands and it was the best.

The weather was rainy/cold and since my mom was staying home with Tatum we decided to start the tailgate at the house with some appetizers and drinks.

We managed to get down to the stadium for a bit too and braved the rain under the canopy with a small tailgate that we packed up - buffalo dip, mercian dip/guac and some cheeses.  The rain managed to stop for a bit which was nice.  Some of our best friends were visiting and my aunt and uncle also joined us so we had a good group to finish out the tailgate season - just missing mom and Tatum! 

The rain picked back up for the game but we had fun with it and I was just happy to be back AT a game.  We  beat Nebraska 56-44 and had a big lead by the third quarter so we left early to get back home and warm up.

Many thanks to Lovie for letting us out to play and get back to the tailgate scene...

Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

I can't believe the holiday season is upon us.  Gift guides are always one of my favorite post each year - this year it was a little tougher to pull together with watching over out little guy, so I'll more let the pictures do the talking. 

Even though guides are everywhere nowadays,  I still love the tradition of making them.  Plus, I also love reading different guides as I'm always adding something to my Christmas list.  Speaking of, I haven't quite found the time to make mine this year yet... we're behind on everything! 

Today I've got the general guides... her, him, baby (new this year!!), home, friend.  Next week I have a little more specific... cocktails, beauty, traveler, mom to be, monogram.  Are there any other gift guides you'd like to see??

Happy shopping & gift giving! xx 
For Her:
For Him:

For Baby:

For Home:

For a Friend:

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tatum Beau: One Month

Weekend posts are rare but with all of Tatum's milestones and the holidays, it's hard to squeeze things in! 

On Thursday our little guy was a month old! This was the fastest, best yet hardest, most rewarding month of our lives.  It feels like yesterday he was born but at the same time it feels like it's been forever - I almost can't remember life without him! 

As of Thursday he was 9 pounds 14 ounces and 22 inches long.  He was born at 7 pounds 10 ounces and by his first appointment he was back up to 7 pounds 8 ounces after loosing a little bit leaving the hospital and at two weeks he was 8 pounds.  He was 19 inches at birth and the same length at his appointments.  

He's been in newborn clothes the whole first month - longer than I thought.  Two days ago we just started into a few 0-3 months while some of his bigger newborn outfits still have plenty of room too.  At about 3 weeks he upgraded to size 1 diapers, they were a little big but are fitting better now. 

Right now he usually eats between 3/5-4 ounces at each feeding and thats recent within the past week. He's pretty good about making it exactly to about three hours from feeding to feeding - sometimes he gets a little fussy and we just feed at two hours but it's rare and usually only during the evening.  If he's enjoying a nice nap (especially in his car seat) he can make it about 4-4 1/2 hours between.  We are bottle feeding and mom/dad/baby are all happy, healthy and doing well with it.  We've tried a few bottles out but so far he still prefers the slow flowing nipples and the medela bottles.

Within his first week he'd take about 1.5-2 ounces per feeding and then he slowly would take more and more until we settled out at 3-3.5 ounces for most of the month.

He's doing pretty good! He usually goes with his feeding schedule and sleeps at 3 hour increments - rarely less and every once in a while gets a four hour stretch.  We usually feed around midnight, 3am and 6 am.  Depending what time we get that late night feeding in depends on the rest of the day (last week he went around 12:45, 4am and then slept until almost 8am)!

He always falls right back to sleep after his early morning feed - after we cuddle and watch GMA that's my time to get "all the things done."  Throughout the day he's pretty good about doing the whole eat, awake, back to sleep thing.  In the evenings it's iffy if he'll always nap.  During late night and overnight feedings he always falls right back to sleep.  We always make sure to diaper change before feeding (even if he's fussy) so then he can be cozy and sleep after.

For the most part he only cries if somethings wrong - hungry, change of diaper, getting his nose drops, when we file his nails, wants to be held, etc.  He's no exception to the "witching hour" but it depends on his mood - some nights he's an angel and some he won't stop crying.  Usually on cue he'll cry right as we get our dinner together to eat.

He loves stretching! Just in the past week or so he's gotten really good about eye contact and looking at things.  He loves his sister - doesn't mind her sniffing all over him.  He loves swinging on "fast speed" in his swing and kicking around in his dock a tot.  Being held and cuddled is of course his favorite.

Being hungry, cold, the start of his baths... not much else.

His first few baths - he loves bath time! We've done a few family walks and he loves riding along. He's primarily only done tummy time laying on our chests but he likes that too and is pretty good at it - the doctor said he had good neck strength from the start! He did great at both his doctor's appointments.

We celebrated his first holiday - Halloween and also celebrated Daddy's birthday.  Lovie and Poppy babysat for the first time (and a few times after!) and he's always great for them.  He went to his first birthday party and had his first playdate... which he slept through but mom and dad enjoyed the adult part of the playdate.

Mommy changed his first diaper in a public  bathroom and it was a complete disaster - the worst change to date, an outfit in the trash, poop all over both of us and some tears from one of us - hint, not him!


We haven't gone out too much - Tatum has ridden along in the car while either mom or dad runs in for an errand and the other stays in the car.  We made it out to two dinners - one with family and one with friends.  Lunches were a little easier and with did about four of those.  He made his first visit to the office and a few doctor's appointments.  He made one trip quick trip into Target and another stroll around the mall for some Christmas browsing.

With the holidays coming up we have no choice but to run some errands to be ready! Plus, we'd go crazy just sitting inside so we try to get out a couple times a week.

First Month Posts... 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Holiday Hostess Gifts

The season for holiday hostess gift giving is just one week away!  Giving holiday themed gifts at Thanksgiving into the start of the holiday season is fantastic because then they can be used all throughout the season.  Hostess gifts are some of my favorites to search for - there are so many cute ways to package up a special little item to bring with you at an event.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Newborn Photos

Now that we've mailed out Tatum's birth announcements, I'm excited to share his newborn photos!  I tried to make getting the announcements done a priority so they didn't blend into Christmas card season - I think I got them out just in time.  

We used a local photographer and she did the best job - I was overjoyed when Stella was even able to be included in a few shots too...