Friday, July 20, 2018

Tatum Beau: Nine Months

We went back to the doctor yesterday for Tatum's 9 month checkup and he did great - wanted to play with the tape measure, crawl all over the table, hold all the doctors "toys" and such.  He weighs 19 pounds and 12 ounces (52nd percentile) and is 2 feet 4 inches tall (48th percentile).   We go back again at 12 months.


Wearing 6-9 month as well as 6-12 month outfits! Still in size 3 diapers... After a few overnight incidents we did start using size 4 baby dry for overnights.


7:30-8: Wakeup
8-8:30: Breakfast (baby food, puffs) then bottle
8:30-9:30ish: Playtime 
9:30/45-11ish: Naptime
Noon: Lunch bottle and puffs
*Misc. activities - play, errands, pool, time at the office, etc.*
2:30/3: Bottle then nap
4/4:30: Up from nap and playtime 
5: Dinner (baby food, puffs) then bottle
6:30: Small bottle 
8ish (sometime before, sometimes after): Bedtime 

We try to get as close to this schedule as we can - sometimes bed is later depending if we're out, sometimes the bottles and meals differ a little if we're doing errands, etc. and there is a ton of playing mixed in there.


He still loves his bottles! We usually do every three hours but that can depend on what "food" he's eaten.  He's been doing much better with baby food lately - always a breakfast and dinner and sometimes some puffs for a lunchtime snack.

He's tried many varieties of pouches/baby food packs and does better being spoon fed now too - he has to be hungry so the doctor suggested doing breakfast first thing and then the bottle after - same for dinner.  He just started loving the baby puffs.

In addition to the baby food he's tried (and liked) avocado and tiny pieces of strawberry, mango, watermelon.


He's done pretty well this month especially with a few travels.  We had a bit of sleep regression (or adjusting to sleeping in other cribs/pack n plays) where he'd wake up once or twice for a quick rocking then go back down.  When we were away we had to co sleep most mornings for about an hour or so but for the most part he makes it from bedtime at 8ish until wake up between 7-8am.


Playing with anything, touching anything he can, playing with plastic cups, kicking in the pool


Smiling, sucking on a pacifier and holding one at the same time, flirting with anyone who smiles at him, sitting on daddy's shoulders, pulling the dishtowel off the oven hook


Being over tired, having a toy (or item - hair brush, kitchen spoon, etc.) taken away from him if he's happily playing with it.


He helped his dad celebrate his first Father's Day!

He really notices who Mommy and Daddy are and sometimes reaches for them as opposed to being held by somebody else if he's fussy.

Responds to his name and knows if he's being talked to.

Celebrated his first Fourth of July and celebrated all week with a trip to the lake, two BBQ's at home and then a few days at the beach.  He saw his first fireworks and was very into them.

Started walking pushing his toy walker and holding onto it.


He had his first weekend stay at the lake and did great! We set up a playpen for him on the shore outside in the shade and also a little blow up pool on the dock for him to splash in.  He had a few other lake weekends as well.

Had his seventh and eighth plane rides and went on a week long trip to California staying in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills (and getting LOTS of pool/play time!)  He did great on the plane both ways and did a good job keeping himself entertained and staying quiet... for the most part! 

Plays well by himself with his toys in the playroom - looks up and gives a lot of smiles!

Has had many pool days and really enjoys floating in his float now in addition to just splashing and playing with his toys.

He had his first meal (just baby food) out at a restaurant in a high chair and did great! Vanilla ice cream as a reward.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We spent Fourth of July down the shore with friends then checked into the Icona in Avalon for the rest of the long weekend.  After grabbing lunch with friends in town we met up with family for a great beach day.  We did a happy hour at the pool with some friends, grabbed a drink at the beach bar and then all did a late dinner.

The next day we were expecting rain so we got out to the beach before it started.  It clouded over so after some pool playing once we were done on the beach we took Tatum back to the room for his morning nap (something we rarely do on vacation!) and I loved my hour reading out on our patio listening to the ocean.

We grabbed some appetizers for lunch at the beach bar and did some more pool time before getting ready for the night.  We had a babysitter for Tatum and grabbed a quick dinner then met up with friends for drinks.

Saturday we had great weather for our last day - after seeing lots of family/friends we spent this day just the three of us! In the morning we went over to Stone Harbor for a little shopping and lunch and then spent the early part of the afternoon on the beach.  We spent a good while at the pool after that and stayed out in the sun until late in the day.

We got ready and made our way into the little town for dinner at The Sea Grille - delicious and then all got some ice cream after - Tatum's new favorite treat is vanilla ice cream.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend Scenes from the Lake

We enjoyed the weekend with another wonderful time at the lake.  We went up Friday for a relaxing night of pizza, salads and early to bed for this mama!  Our best friends came up Saturday morning for the weekend and the weather Saturday was perfect to be on the water - we didn't clean up for dinner until close to 6 then enjoyed some cocktails, appetizers and a slider bar.

Yesterday the weather we iffy in the morning so we took in some time on the porch all together before heading home in the afternoon.  

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Beverly Hills: Part Two

After sleeping in on Monday we made our way out to Malibu - this is always one of our favorite days of each trip.  We drove around a bit and took in the beach and then did lunch at Nobu outside by the ocean.

The views are always so pretty and it's so relaxing we turn it into a couple hour lunch to enjoy the setting and our time there.

Like all the other days, the rest of the day was spent at the pool.

We were having so much fun we decided to cancel dinner and not leave the hotel, we let Tatum swim until the pool was close to closing then got him into bed and ordered pizza from room service on our patio.

On Tuesday we kicked off our final day with some playing in the room and then breakfast at the Polo Lounge outside on the patio.

The Beverly Hills Hotel has a sister hotel, The Hotel Bel Air, so they recommended we take Tatum over there for a little while to look at the swans.

We did a little bit of shopping and before we knew it it was time for lunch.  We went over into West Hollywood for lunch at The Ivy.  The fresh flowers all over the place are so pretty - they always offer a complimentary glass of champagne when you walk in too.

No way to spend the last sunny day with a long pool day.  We swam, chatted with some friends that we'd made and seen each day, relaxed and soaked up that California sun until next time.

We had to be up early the next day so we did one final dinner at the Polo Lounge - out on the patio this time.  Their famous soufflĂ© was the perfect way to end our trip!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Beverly Hills

On Saturday we made our way up the coast for the second part of our trip to Beverly Hills.  This was probably one of our best weather years - it never got above 78 and was usually sunny.  Our room was ready early so we dropped all our stuff off and Tatum was loving his new crib.

We went over to Rodeo Drive for a little bit of shopping as well as lunch at Villa Blanca - we usually do our walking around on a weekday so it was a little too crowded for us and we didn't last long.

The rest of the day was a great pool day - again as it was a weekend it was pretty crowded but we scored three chairs together and some shade for Tatum.  We ended up staying out until 6:30 to let him play and pretty much had the pool to ourselves by the end.

To keep things easy for our first night we ate at the hotel at the Polo Lounge which is always one of our favorite meals... plus with a baby it's nice to only have to walk a few steps to dinner! Tatum was asleep before our drinks even came and did great all through dinner and right back to sleep in his crib after.

The next morning I enjoyed some reading on the patio while the boys slept in.  We walked around the property for a bit until it was time for breakfast.

We ate at the Fountain Coffee Room - a cute little quick breakfast spot where you sit at the counter - the ladies even nicely strapped Tatum into a booster seat.  We had plans to take him to a park but it was under construction so we just drove around a little bit until the sun popped out.

Since it was a Sunday we knew the pool would be crowded and that was our only plan for the day so we grabbed the first cabana and it worked amazing with Tatum - they even brought down a pack n play for him to play and nap in.

When he got his crib, waiting for him in it was a teddy bear and VIP card - such cute extras! He had fun playing with both the whole time - loving t hold on to anything he can, he loved holding his little card.

We walked right over to the  Cabana Cafe for lunch and Tatum kicked and floated much of the day in the pool - I don't know what we'll do with him when summer is over!

We had a babysitter that night so we cleaned up and made our way out for the night!  First stop was dinner at Craig's, one of our favorites any time that we're in town.  We grabbed a drink at Pump after and then headed back to the hotel.

The rest of our stay tomorrow...