Monday, October 15, 2018

Penn State vs. Michigan State

Saturday fall finally hit in PA - it was total football weather!  We got to State College on Thursday night and it was still a little sticky, by the time we woke up on Friday it was the nicest weather and Saturday was no different, once the rain cleared up the sun popped out and it was a nice cool day.

With Tatum's first birthday coming up this week, we started off the celebrations at the tailgate with a cake, balloons and some of his favorite foods.  At our last tailgate (that he went to) he hadn't started walking yet so he had a great time showing off and wobbling around the tailgate.

We had close family friends in town to join us as well as other family members which made for a great group.  We went with anything hot - potato soup, grilling hot dogs and burgers and a few dips to go with Tatum's birthday cake! 

He had his first bite.. of many cakes this week and loved the attention when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

This was the first tailgate so far that we needed to warm up a little bit in the car, but we didn't mind because it was a perfect Saturday.

It was a great game until the end... just like the previous game and just like last year - same two losses right in a row.  It was heartbreaking but we're looking forward to the rest of our home games and tailgates this year.

Tatum who can sleep anywhere fell asleep right when we got into the stadium and then was pretty attentive the rest of the game... he continues to love football. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

First Birthday Wishlist

We have less than a week until Tatum's first birthday - I can't believe it!  Right now he really only has "baby toys" - we've been holding off on getting him too many things (other than a walker and a few little things here and there) but have really steered away from anything age 1+ with his both his birthday and Christmas right around the corner.  Browsing at kids toys is so much fun - I think I'll be equally as excited as him to play with new toys boy around birthday and at Christmas.  

Now that he's sort of walking - this is perfect for him to hold onto for better balance and push around.

It's little but a great playset for his age - I can just picture him climbing all over this thing.

Tatum loves his mega blocks!  He obviously can't build with them yet but he loves holding them, playing with them, having us build them and him knock them over.  The table will be perfect for him to stand and play at, the wagon he'll pull all over, he loves the ride on toys and the matching little push truck is really cute.

Pushing a ball down the ramp, putting a block into the opening in the train, etc. are activities he's really starting to get - now that he's walking I think he'll love walking the ball up to the hoop and dropping it in.

My parents have a similar one at their house and he loves riding along - I'm so excited for him to "open" this next week and to go on family walks with it.

Another toy my mom has at her house and he loves - the pieces are big enough that he can sort of put them together.

He loves his rubber ducks, finger puppets, etc. in the tub and out of the tub - bath time has become part of his nightly routine and a favorite - he loves standing up in the tub (which I don't love) but I think he'l enjoy putting these up.

Like I said above, he loves putting toys where they need to go so I think he'd like sending these cars down the ramp.

Happy Friday! xx 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This & That

We haven't made our trip to the Pumpkin patch yet but we have made a few trips to a local market to get some pumpkins for our porch.  We'll let Tatum pick some to "try" to paint and for us to carve at the pumpkin patch -- still fun to get out and get into the spirit.

About a month ago, Tatum started spending Tuesdays at Lovie's house and it's been awesome!  Lovie always has the best lunches ready for him when he arrives, they play hard and have so much fun and I get a few quiet hours at the office to get things done.

Things have been cooling off... sort of (it's in the upper 70's still this week) so we've been playing outside more with Tatum since he's starting to walk but he LOVES running all over in his walker and holding Stella's leash. 

Tatum loves Ducks - His favorite stuffed animal is Ducky and he carries his bath ducks all over - one in each hand.  We surprised him last week with a dozen Halloween ducks and he was so thrilled.  I keep finding them ALL over.

And our sweet Stella girl being herself...

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Scenes

During the month of September we didn't have one weekend where our whole family was away, between football weekends, a wedding, girls weekend, a bachelor party, etc.  it's been way too long since we've been home.

I wanted to fill the weekend with a bunch of fall activities and relaxing and that's just what we did! On Friday my mom, Tatum and I went shopping and had a great day out.  It's been so long since Tatum did a nap in his stroller, funny to think he used to do that all the time!

Derek was golfing Friday night so I poured a glass of wine and spent most of the evening in the playroom with Tatum.  After his bath and bedtime I made myself a salad and caught up on some tv.. a perfect relaxing night!

Saturday we were up early and headed over to the trail for a family walk.  When we got back in Derek made us a nice breakfast and it was Tatum's first time trying eggs and pancakes!  Derek and I both got our closets ready for fall while Tatum napped - just waiting on a cool crisp day!

We went to a local produce market to pick up some mums and pumpkins to decorate our porch for fall. We had planned to go to a farm and apple pick but it was way too crowded so we decided to skip it and go on a weekday - we decorated outside when we got home and then all got a bit of relaxing in.

Saturday night was date night!  Lovie and Poppy came over to watch Tatum and Derek and I headed out for sushi and drinks.

We had a lazy morning on Sunday which was awesome.  I love that it's just about fireplace season.. It always makes things more cozy.

There was a craft and food fair going on in town so we strolled Tatum up and down State Street and had a few good nibbles.

We finished off our weekend last night watching football with a big group of friends on their patio with tons of good football food... hoagies, wings, meatballs, all of the yummy stuff! 

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Day in the Life: 9-12 Months

I've had so much fun doing these posts throughout Tatum's first year, can't wait to have them to look back on to remember and look forward to doing some more in his second year.  I picked Tuesday of this week because Tuesdays are new for us this fall - instead of coming to the office with me in the afternoon, we spend the morning at home until after Tatum's morning nap and then my mom watches him while I go to the office for a few hours - we love "Lovie" days!

Our weeks are pretty standard - Mondays we're usually home, Wednesdays are errands or an outing, Thursdays an office day and Friday we do something fun - each day has lots of playing, walks, playdates, etc.  Now that he's almost fully walking we'll incorporate many more outings to playgrounds and other kids places.

I'm usually up between 6:30 and 7 (now that it's fall I've been trying to wake up a little before Tatum to get just a thing or two done) but I woke up at 4am this morning and had trouble going back to sleep so Derek saves me and grabs Tatum at 7:30, brings him into our bed for a couple minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a new favorite) while I have time to wake myself up.

I always do laundry on Tuesdays (and Fridays) so since we weren't home last Friday I have a lot - I throw in a load, make the bed and make it down for Tatum's breakfast about 5 minutes late.

8:05am: Breakfast in the highchair - he has a whole big jar of baby food - apple, banana and strawberry (which this is the only meal he'll really tolerate being spoon fed for now, he loves doing the pouch himself) then he has some cheerios while I get Stella food and a bone, tidy the kitchen, do the dishwasher, etc. then a bottle on the couch.

Today (and most days) I try to take Stella for a quick or long walk, today we have time for a longer one.  

Just after 9am: Back from the walk and Tatum plays by himself in his playpen by my office for a few minutes while I do a few things then it's playtime in the playroom until nap!

9:45am: Diaper change, pre-nap bottle, rocking to sleep and asleep by 10.  I'm always most productive during morning nap and try to do all of the things.  Today that means shower and get ready, flip the laundry and put more in, get some chicken out of the freezer for dinner, move Tatum's 6-9 month clothes bins to the basement, and go through a few emails/do a blog post meant for yesterday... lots of days this time is spent at my desk.

11:30am: He's up squirming/playing nicely/laying back down in his crib so I quickly flip the laundry again and put some towels in, eat a quick egg salad lunch and put a simple lemon chicken into the crockpot.

Noon: Tatum's up, dressed and our bags are packed so we're headed out the door.

My mom needs to get some mums and offers to get me some too as she wants to get some pictures of Tatum by the pumpkins at a local produce market so we make a stop to meet her on the way to her house.

I drop Tatum off, Lovie has an awesome lunch out for him (peas, strawberries, cheese slices, crackers, yogurt) and I head off to the office. 

I spend the afternoon tackling a bunch of things that were left on my desk and it's so nice to work in the quiet! When I finish up I work on a little birthday planning because today marks two weeks until the big ONE! 

I head back to pick Tatum up - he played hard with Lovie and didn't nap so he takes a late nap on the way home.

We get home just before 5:30, I change into some comfy clothes, put Tatum's laundry in and we head outside with Daddy to play! 

6pm:  We come back inside for Tatum's dinner - mac n cheese, crackers and a veggie pouch then a little vanilla ice cream.  He has four teeth coming in so recently dinner has been filled with a few tears. 

Derek and I have our lemon chicken dinner with miscellaneous sides.

6:45pm: We all play for a bout a half hour in the playroom - we're working on making bedtime a little earlier as it seems like Tatum needs that.  Tatum loves bath time so we have fun with that after for a little bit.

7:35pm:  He's in his pajamas and Daddy does his bedtime bottle and rocks him to sleep with just a couple tears and he's asleep within about 10 minutes.

I never do this but I'm trying to make more of a point to have a few minutes of relaxing during Tatum's afternoon nap and also in the evening so I come right down and sit on the couch for a little tv with my Stella girl not to me.

The night's finished up in the office doing a few blog posts from our busy weekend and then I head up around 9:45 to read relax and get to bed early!

So there's our boring, simple day that I'll love looking back on when Tatum's in school.