Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentine's Day

We had the most low key Valentine's Day this year and I think we'll do it this way every year.  No presents, just cards, flowers and candy.  I really wanted to make it a family day and make it fun for Tatum.  I had a couple presents that were leftover from Christmas for him to open and a Goofy to add to his Mickey collection.  

My plans were to make our Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls but I ran out of time so I just used cookie cutters to divide up his breakfast and make it more fun.  Powdered donuts, eggs and strawberries were on the menu and he enjoyed them just fine.

Thursday mornings are Lovie Days so he got a few treats and had a nice holiday lunch with her while I spent time at the office.

His nap was totally off because we'd been delivering some Valentine's to friends so he was tired early - we scrapped our plans of family spaghetti and instead decided to make our meal after he went to bed - He had some frozen ravioli, meatballs, avocado and heart shaped cheese.

Derek and I took our time making spaghetti and then spent the rest of the night on the couch catching up on DVR and enjoying a few desserts - super low key but fun!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Palm Beach: Part Three

Today I'm recapping our final days in Palm Beach... As I'm looking out at snow I wish we were back there already!  On Friday it was a little chilly in the morning so we took Tatum to the playground and basketball courts for a little.  

Late morning we headed off for the beach!  He had a blast digging in the sand, going on walks, and playing with his toys.  We stayed for a couple hours before heading up to one of the pool restaurants for a late lunch.

We had a leisurely lunch since the sun was hitting us, we were happy.  After lunch we settled into seats at the pool and Tatum was ready for his nap.  When he was up Derek took him into the pool for a bit of playing.

We opted to go back to the family Italian restaurant for dinner because it was so easy with Tatum being able to play... and also so delicious.  Derek took him down to play early while I got our stuff packed up and then I joined them for cocktails and play before we settled down at our table.  Derek and I split a few things and Tatum enjoyed the same pasta he had the night before - he liked it just as much... and his ice cream.

The next morning we'd planned to sneak to the pool for a bit before having lunch and heading to the airport but it turned out the weather changed overnight and it was cold and rainy... Luckily it was our last day!  We relaxed in the room then took Tatum back to the play center and looked in the hotel shops.  Before we knew it, it was time for an early lunch.  To pass the time we just read in the lobby while Tatum took a nap for about an hour then headed to the airpot to come home.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Palm Beach: Part Two

Thursday, our third day, after a little cartoons with Tatum, I was off to enjoy the spa!  The boys got a snack and did a little playing then we all met back up.

This was our really iffy weather day with chances of rain showers all day - we figured we'd head out shopping in the morning but when we saw the sun out we ran to change into our bathing suits.  We had just a few minutes before it looked like the storm was headed for us - it gave us enough time to let Tatum play on the beach and have it all to himself for a bit.

We grabbed seats undercover at the beach bar just before it started pouring - Tatum even fell asleep so Derek and I just enjoyed reading outside until the rain stopped and he woke up.  We went down to one of the restaurants after for lunch.

By the time we were done the sun was popping out and we took turns who swam with Tatum and who got to relax - even though the weather wasn't perfect, the day worked out well.

We cleaned up and walked to the "family" Italian restaurant for dinner.  It's perfect for little kids as there is a great little play area on one side, an arcade down the hall and then the family friendly restaurant.  When we first got there we just put our stuff down at the table, grabbed a drink and then took Tatum over to play for a little bit.

They have white paper out on the tables for kids to color on and it was perfect for somebody just learning to color like Tatum.  All the food was delicious and totally hit the spot.  Tatum was so into his ice cream sundae he even started using a spoon for the first time.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Palm Beach: Part One

Three weeks ago we enjoyed our annual winter visit to Palm Beach - Tatum had actually been sick the three weeks prior then gave to of the sicknesses to me so we pushed our trip back a few days to make sure everyone was well!  We stayed at The Breakers again and loved is as usual.

We dropped our bags into our room and headed out straight to the pool stopping for lunch outside first. It was pretty windy but we were just happy to be in the sunshine!

We went over to the family pool for the afternoon - this was Tatum's first time with a swimmy, first time being able to walk into the pool and splash around in the shallow end and he really enjoyed it. We enjoyed some time to ourselves after when he enjoyed a nap.

We made our first trip (of many to the kids) playground and again - this was Tatum's first time to really run around on a playground - he loved it, especially the slide.

After a little freshening up, we went right downstairs to the Seafood Bar.  Tatum did well but was totally ready for bed at the end.  I took him up to get him ready for bedtime and Derek grabbed us each a drink to take up - since we were upstairs early I read and Derek watched a movie so we could keep quiet and not wake Tatum.

The next morning Derek was out for golf early so after a little cartoon watching Tatum and I went on a nice walk, making stop at a grocery store down the block for some milk and things for him.  We grabbed a little snack and hungout in the garden area for a bit too.

We went back to the playground for a while and Derek finished up in time to meet us and play for a while before we all got ready for the pool.

After lunch (I had a delicious poke bowl) we decided to head back to the family pool - it was still a little windy today so we didn't want to go down to the beach.  Tatum got in some nice swimming and then during his nap we moved over to the bigger adult pool to catch some sun and relax.

That night we had a reservation at one of our favorites, Flagler's Steakhouse.  We had a nice table on the patio and everything was delicious - Tatum enjoyed his chicken fingers then quietly watched a show while we had our dinner.  Like the night before it was early to bed for us.